And so to Book 112 and the end of the 2015 reading year

December is usually a slow start to the month reading wise as you are so busy getting ready for Christmas.  But this year it was the reverse read lots before I was actually on holiday and less so once I was.  This festive break seems to have been non stop and my great intentions of tidying and cleaning and a mammoth read to treat myself for my endeavours has never come to pass.  And although I have read I know from my book journals I have read much less than other years.  Perhaps having achieved my goal of reading 100 books early in November I have simply slowed down or as I said above I have simply been too busy.  Anyway the list for December is as follows:

  1. The Other Son by Nick Alexander
  2. Pieces of You by Ella Harper
  3. Whisky from small Glasses
  4. The Last Witness
  5. Dark Suits and Sad Songs (3-5 all by Denzil Meyrick
  6. The Angel Treee by Lucinda Riley
  7. Last Resort Quintin Jardine
  8. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
  9. The Blue by Lucy Clarke

My kids tease me that I have a strange passion for crime as I am drawn to any crime drama on TV.  I am also drawn to crime fiction especially for some reason set in Scotland.  On  a trip to Oban we went into Waterstones and like a fly to a spider’s web I was drawn to this new crime trilogy conveniently placed just as entered the store.  I didn’t start reading the Whisky from Small Glasses till we returned home and was delighted to find the books are set in Kintyre in a fictional town that is without a doubt Campbeltown.  I love the west coast of Scotland and our first Scottish family holiday was spent just outside that town as the rest of the country drowned we had a freak heat wave that we felt was just for us.  I also tend to get west coast with drawl symptoms when I return home so immersing myself in a book helps.  I really enjoyed these three books.  I could completely imagine the scenes and characters and really enjoyed them so much so when they were all read I wanted to start reading them all over again.  This did then tempt me to indulge in more crime fiction and I bought the new Quintin Jardine book.  I have read all of his books.  The writing is not the best but I find the stories strangely compelling and all the characters are now all old friends.  Also I find his take on Police Scotland very amusing and very accurate.

Out with crime I read some more gentle books with special mention going to The Other Son by Nick Alexander.  I had been keeping this read for my break away to the Isle of Seil.  And it did not disappoint.  It is as the title suggests about two sons.  One of whom in theory has it all with a huge house and the other who remains anonymous for much of the book but is very much the black sheep of the family.  But when the central character the mother gets beaten up an absence of some years by her husband.  Which son comes through?  Makes you realise yet again there is more to life than supposed success and possessions. I also really enjoyed Blue by Lucy Clarke recommended to me by a friend.  I have read all of her books.  This one took me from the rains of the Scottish Borders to the sun of New Zealand and apart from a good story line just doing that helped keep the rain blues at bay.

So I have done it read over 100 books over the year and with a struggle managed to complete the blog.  My 10 best books of 2015 to follow next.



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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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