November’s Books – It’s a Family Affair

November’s books took me to 103 for the year and they were:

  1. The Light Years.
  2. Marking Time.
  3. Confusion.
  4. Casting Off.
  5. All Change all by Elizabeth Jane Howard.
  6. The Drowning Lesson Jane Shemilt.
  7. Demented Housewife by Niamh Greene.
  8. Golden Age by Jane Smiley.

When my parents moved in 2014 I was given a pile of books.  One of which was Marking Time,  the second of the five Elizabeth Jane Howard books, which tells the story of the Cazalet Family from just after the First World War till the 1950’s.  I couldn’t read the second book before I had read the first and then after reading them I had to read the rest.  I realise historical fiction is not everyone’s taste but I do love them so devoured these books.  At the time of reading them the Paris attack happened which was truly horrific and I read a few articles where people said that the world was in the worst place it had ever been.  But as I read the books on the Second World War it struck me how terrifying living through that must have been for all concerned.  Fear and the threat of War and violence has never been far away. The story of the 20th Century this time in the USA is also told via the lives of one family via the three Jane Smiley books which I read the final one The Golden Age  in November.  It was a riveting story taking a family from the early 20th Century to beyond where we are now.

The final books well the Demented Housewife was one of my parents books not sure either of them read it but it caused me to laugh.  An easy read that I read in the bath while I was reading the Elizabeth Jane Howard books on the Kindle. I love reading in the bath but taking the Kindle to the bathroom is a risk too far.   As I learnt fro the aptly named The Drowning Lesson book when it fell in the bath just after I started reading it.  Did make me laugh at it’s title  after my initial annoyance at my own stupidity.  The book did dry out but to be honest I didn’t enjoy it a weak plot with the main character someone you decided quite quickly you don’t like.  It might have been best left in the bath…and I wouldn’t recommend you read it unless totally stuck for a book and it’s the only one available.

Next on to December where things took a crime theme.


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