Books 17-20 February Reads 2015

Book 17 In the Light of What we Know – Zia Haider Rahman

This started well and looked as if it was going to be an amazing read.  Zafar arrives at his friends house after disappearing for a few years in 2008.  He’s been in Afghanistan.  His friend is a banker in London.  2008 is the year of the crash.  Thought it would be a topial book of our time mixing politics and the economy and world events.  

It did start like that and I was expecting a really fascinating contemporarry fiction book but…….its 554 pages long and it just went on too long with for me  with the story increasingly repetitive.  And the author is a mathematician and there is lots of maths theory through the book which I am sure if you are clever enough to understand it would be fascinating but for someone who struggled to get their o’grade maths it was beyond me as was the book really.  Promised so much and started so well but then did not deliver.  I did finish it but only as I felt obliged just in case it improved but it didn’t.

Book 18 Stonemouth By Iain Banks

I had downloaded this book early doors in 2014 but hadn’t quite got round to reading it.  Know that its been turned into a TV drama which is out shortly.  Also knew that if I watched it on TV highly unlikley to read the book.  So read it feel awful as Iain Banks is a legend but I really didn’t enjoy it.  I did read to the end to find if he got his girl in the end.  I could apprecaite the writing was superb and he captured a small Scottish coastal town to a tee and I could picture it but it just didn’t do it for me.  Sorry Banks fans not for me.

Book 19 Ice Twins by SK Tremayne

Saw this twice in book reviews in two papers.  I am a book addict and though I know I need to stop buying and read what I have  before buying new books I can’t help myself and book reviews are a key place for me to get ideas for new books to buy.   When I saw this one and  read it was set in the Hebrides I knew despite it just being out I was going to buy it as they say it had my name on it.

It’s a disturbing book in many ways due to the nature of the topic which is about twins one of which has died and the impact that this has on the remaining twin and the parents.  They move to a remote island off Skye to take stock and re build their lives.  But the living twin claims to be her dead sister and acts like her dead sister and even the dog reacts to her in the way he used to with the other twin.  And you know from the start that one of the parents has a guilty secret and in some way is implicit in the dead childs accident but you don’t know which one or why.  And as the book goes on their lives unravel as the santity of their living child unravels too.

This was one of these books that I read very quickly desite wanting to take it slowly especially just to enjoy the setting of Skye but I had to know which twin was alive and who was hiding a secret….well worth a read.

Book 20 Second Life by SJ Watson

Before I go to sleep was a page turner from memory I lost a day to reading it at the start of 2013.  Days lots like these are perfect days for me.   I was delighted to find that the author was coming to my local book bookshop Mainstreet Trading.  I booked by return email and then realised it was parents night at the high school!  So regretfully ordered a signed copy instead.  Although I would have loved to meet the author who I still think of as female though I do know and have known for some time that he is male.  When I picked up my signed copy the next day I was just excited that I had a copy of what Ros the book shop owner had told me was another page turner.

I did question if it could be as much a page turner as his first book and at first was doubtful as though enjoyable from the start I didn’t see how it was going to get me turning these pages fast.  But boy it did and by the end I sat and read to the end determined that no matter what I was finishing the book that night.

It’s about a women whose estranged sister is murdered in Paris and the sister is compelled to find her killer partly due to the love she had for her sister but partly as she had brought up the sister’s child and wouldn’t let her sister re gain custody of the boy.  Like “The Girl on the Train” I did guess the identity of the killer fairly early on but did not guess the why which totally had my jaw dropping.  And a few red herring characters also helped confuse me.

Another page turner which I really enjoyed though like his first book read far too fast.

We are almost In March and so far 2015 is proving to be another great reading year.  In other respects 2015 has been a challenge and when the going gets tough you need a de stresser and for me its been reading.  Hoping for a change in fortunes in March but the good reading can continue…


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