Books 64, 65 and 66 of 2014 Enzo Complete

As I have mentioned many times in this blog I love Peter May’s Lewis trilogy.  I recently got asked to say what me favourite books of all time were.  No question one of Peter May’s had to be in.  I love all three of the Lewis books but for me Lewis man is my favourite for it’s story line and also for its various locations across the Hebrides and Edinburgh.  So I started his Enzo series when I was on holiday on Harris.  Read the first three very quickly and I knew that once I started I needed to finish them so read the last three in one greedy gulp.

The Enzo books are set in France great to read them as this time of the year as the warm weather means that you can readily imagine yourself there.  Reading in order the next one up was Blow Black when Enzo is told that he’s terminally ill and then his daughter is nearly murdered.  This is a real page turner as you want to know who is attacking him and his family.  Mixed with this is a Madeline McCann child abduction which tells the story of a boy taken from his parents and what happened to him once he grew up.  There were parts of the plot I guessed but many I didn’t it was a very exciting book that had me on edge must of the time.

The next book was called Freeze Frame this was set on a island of the Brittany Coast.  A unsolved murder where the murder victim left clues in his study as to who the killer was but its now many years since the murder happened.  Enzo is appointed by the daughter – in -law of the victim.  This story has a Nazi link though who, what, why and how it takes till the end to find out keeping you again turning that page.

Finally Back Light Blue set in the world of French Cuisine again an old murder the murder of a top French chef just outside his restaurant.  Enzo ropes his daughter in to help so she is working in the kitchen while he has been appointed by the family to solve the murder.  You will find yourself hungry at many points as the food served is amazing as does the wine which also plays a central part.  I guessed the ending on this one though that did not disappoint.

I enjoyed the Enzo books.  I am still not convinced that I like Enzo and he is a terrible womaniser.  But I do like his family and that draws me back to find out what happens to them and also to see what happens in his love life.  I have heard that there will maybe be another book and if so will definitely read it.  As let’s be honest anything that Peter May writes I love to read.


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