Book 50 -The House We Grew Up In -Lisa Jewell

In true Kindle style I saw this book as a suggestion when I was buying another book. I was drawn to it as currently my mum and dad are selling the house that I was brought up in. My childhood home from the age of seven. Even now when I sleep in what was my room I always sleep well as if a deep part of me knows I’m home. I’m currently dealing with emotions I didn’t think I’d have. I left my family home aged 18 but it’s always been there. Like my parents solid as a rock for me to return to when I need to.

I was also drawn to the book as I like Lisa Jewell books she’s very insightful and current.

This book was no exception. It was about a house a family had been brought up in. Sadly they were all returning due to the death of their mother. A family of four that had been a family of six. Who for various reasons were all returning home. But they can’t get through the door as its full of stuff. No one had visited their mother in years and her hoarding habit had just got worse and worse. To the point it was impossible to move, cook or sleep anywhere in a four bedroom house.

Lisa Jewell tackles the issue of hoarding in a very sympathetic way. She’s obviously researched the subject thoroughly. To the point you understand why the mother is hoarding whilst desperately wanting her to stop. As well as seeing the situation from each of the views of the living children. But the most fascinating part is the emails that the mother sends leading up to her death which really allow you to understand her more.

I enjoyed this book. I’ve watched programmes about hoarders and if I’m honest been appalled by it. How people could choose to live like that. But of course they don’t choose to hoard its a mental disease which this book shows is horrific for the person suffering from it. I have too much clutter myself if I’m honest. I sometimes think how it would be great to step away from it and start again clutter free. So how much more would you feel this if you hoarded stuff?

This book also reminded me of the power of families to hurt one another but also to love one another. All families are dysfunctional in one way or another. We hide it from the world most of the time but it’s there. What’s important is when the tough times come how you deal with them as a family. Love and forgiveness is the key and the knowledge that family is where you come from.


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