Orkney by Amy Sackville Book 16 of 2014

I was drawn to this book as it’s set on an Island and I am drawn to Island’s and especially Scottish Island’s.  The story is about a couple on honeymoon in a cottage by the beach on an Island.  My husband and I spent our honeymoon in a small cottage by the beach on Tiree.  So when I saw it yet again on the table by the café in Mainstreet Trading it was again a more expensive coffee than I had bargained for.

I really enjoyed this book firstly because it was set on an Island as I say and I could picture it clearly in my mind.  I also found it uncomfortable reading which made me ponder.  The gap between the couple was 40 years.  The husband being 60 and the wife just 21 after a whirlwind romance.  I thought I had nothing against age gaps but this didn’t seem right and when I thought about it is the age gap of my husband and my niece.  It just felt very wrong to me or am I wrong in that as the relationship between the two was strong and they obviously did have a deep connection?

The book is beautifully written taken from the view point of the husband which always make his wife a slightly mysterious figure as you are seeing her as he sees her.  You see things about her that he doesn’t seem to see and you also through well written prose can see that the Islanders like me didn’t approve of the relationship between an older man and a young woman.  Having visited many Scottish islands and been in situations when you walk into somewhere and immediately you are viewed with suspicion as an outsider I had a clear picture in my mind of what this would have been like.

Finally though the reason I loved this book was the ending.  You know from the start it’s going to happen but you don’t really get told why and is she still alive?  Which leaves you free to think about this yourself?  I came up with at least three or four ideas of what might have happened and what happened next.

I have spent the last ten days with a throat infection which has given me sleepless nights.  I love my sleep and struggle when I can’t get sleep as I need at least eight hours to keep firing on all cylinders.  There is nothing worse lying and trying to sleep exhausted but you can’t as every time you swallow the lump in your throat hurts.  I finished Orkney half way through this time.  While I was reading it when I couldn’t sleep I thought of the beach and sea that the wife was fascinated with and took myself there.  After finishing when I couldn’t sleep I spent the time speculating what the ending meant.  For me reading takes me to another place, other people and if its good it makes me ponder and think.  Orkney did all this and more.



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2 Responses to Orkney by Amy Sackville Book 16 of 2014

  1. David says:

    I was not convinced about the whirlwind romance, nor the way the Orcadians were pictured. The age gap in the relationship was unrealistically huge and you could see the ending coming. Similar material has been covered better. But I did like the writing style.

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