March came in with a Ba and out with a Roar!

Well again the month is almost at an end and once more I am updating on my 2013 resolutions in my belief that New Year resolutions shouldn’t be something that is done once a year but something that we endeavour to do all year round and evaluate on a monthly basis. Each month focusing on different areas.

I seem to have spent the first three months focusing on the exercise and lose weight goals. January I managed to start adding more exercise to my life with Wii dance. But with no significant progress in weight loss. And heading on the wrong side of a new dress size. I took action and decided to start the 5:2 diet which I had read about in the paper and having asked about it in twitter sphere with some positive feedback and encouragement! So I decided that it was maybe something to try! As I reported in my last two blog updates on my resolutions its been going well! I am fitting my 500 calorie days into a Monday and a Thursday. I have found it easy to fit into my weekly life and have relished the challenge of these days and also finding the tastiest under 300 calorie evening meals to entice me in the evening. I have to confess this Monday I cheated a little it was so cold! And I was feeling in the need of warmth so found myself nibbling the kid’s pasta. But apart from that I have been keeping to the challenge. Last Friday on my weekly weigh in was delighted to find that I am a pound away from losing a stone! Heading in the right direction I am happy to report! Hoping to get to goal weight before too long! And if you have read this resolution blog update before the size 12 jeans that are my inspiration? They are fitting but really want to lose a few more pounds before they get to go outside with me in them!

Other challenges that have been a success this month are that I have been reading a business book. Didn’t finish it but did start it and will continue. Buying clothes wasn’t too much of an issue as the Baltic conditions which are driving me to despair worked in my bank balance’s favour! I feel really sorry for the retail sector and have reflected that this time last year I was buying Flip Flop’s and more importantly wearing them! This year I am not getting out of my boots and wooly jumpers till the temperature goes up considerably. Then I may be challenged to keep my resolution but for now shopping and wearing all the warm things from my wardrobe makes perfect sense! I am not 100% working on cash but I have made progress!

Finally last year’s resolutions are still going strong. My daily thing to be grateful in March has focused on warmth, hot water bottles and baths. But it has also been about the love of family and friends. The friends who have listened and cared both here and elsewhere. And my family. Cards and presents made with love on Mother’s day and birthday cakes and bubble baths on my birthday! Plus a huge thanks to my Mum and Dad and my sister!

And as for books? Read eight books this month including one more David Walliams with my son and nearly finished one with my daughter. An interesting month of reading. Two highlights. Gone Girl is a fascinating read. About a man who comes home to an empty house on his 5th wedding anniversary. All is not what is seems despite the illusion of a happy marriage. Keeps you on your toes right till the end! And After the Fall. This book starts slowly then it will draw you in and draw you further. It’s about the love a mother has for all of her kids, the destruction of drugs and the love of a Grandfather for his daughter and his grandchildren! I confess I cried. Thought provoking and a story that you will remember.

March is nearly at an end. We usually hope this means spring. This year it came in like a lamb but its roaring out like a giant LION! Let’s hope April brings the sun and the longed for spring! I will again look at each of my resolutions and focus on the ones for April and keep you posted on progress at the end of the month! Hopefully writing this from the garden! With lambs in the field and no roaring lions in sight!



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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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