2013 has seen yet more scandals of bodies that are British institutions.  First we had #horsemeatscandal where it became apparent that we have been lied to about what is in our food with big brands and supermarkets particularly coming under strain.  As my husband said we have probably all  eaten food at one time that was something other than it was supposed to be.  My husband unlike me is not averse to eating horse but the basic issue is that we have been lied to. What is the result?  More cynicism about big brands and that they are not to be trusted.  The supermarkets are particularly under fire here and it will take some time to build that trust up again.  Plus it makes you wonder what else they are not telling us the truth about and creates a culture of distrust!  Though on the plus side it does give a great opportunity for local food suppliers and butchers to promote their products. They are to be trusted and lets all shop local as much as we can. https://fionadranesblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/a-great-opportunity-for-butchers-and-local-retailers-horsemeatscandal/

Next scandal has been yet more sleaze in politics.  Ex Liberal Democrat Chief Executive Lord Rennard who has been accused of allegations of misconduct with females.  Yet another tale of someone who may have been in a position of power and used that power for the wrong means.  The media have had a field day.  As yet again we see that politics are not as squeaky clean as the political parties would like us to believe.  And we start to wonder about all institutions what is really going on there?  The worst report that I read though was a political columnist who pondered the question that if the said politician had looked like George Clooney would the women have been so upset?  This had me spiraling to the ceiling.  And this was from a female commentor.   It’s not what people look like that matter. Its our actions that count!  That is the point.  Wither we are in positions or power or not!

Then the Catholic Church Cardinal Scandal hit!  Been watching this one from the sidelines.  Of all the institutions under fire this is the one that I perhaps have more involvement with than the two above. I am not a Catholic but all my life have either been involved or had dealings with the evangelical church.  In general I try to keep my feelings to myself but this one has got me thinking.  Why are we all so angry at what the Cardinal has or hasn’t done?  Well one main reason is because he judged others and was very vocal in doing so yet he is now admitting that he is maybe not blameless either.  This is a main issue that I have with the Church. The judging, the taking on God while on earth and this is an example of it.  Where is the love?

A few pro Church people commented today on the Radio on the biblical  story that always springs to mind when I hear people sitting in judgement.   The women who committed adultery.  The pharisees, the cardinals of the day were having a field day.  Jesus simply wrote in the sand and said he who has not committed a sin throw the first stone.  No stones were thrown.  Why? We all do wrong. I am not saying that this makes what the Cardinal did right.  It doesn’t.  And I hope against hope that we will see more love and leave the judging to God .

Like any institution there are things that the Church does that chill me.  But equally I know of lots of individuals who spread the love of God in their daily life.  They are not in the media.   They don’t use their voice to judge but quietly get on with helping others.  They are the unsung heroes and perhaps in this era of distrust it would be good to hear about these individuals rather than those who sit up high in human judgement.

I don’t go to Church anymore apart from the key church events of the year where I do go to my local church.  I find God and Jesus while I am out on a walk in nature. I find God in my husband and children.  The other night my daughter cracked a joke that would only be funny to us two.  We laughed solid for ten minutes.  My son can crack me up just with his smile.  In times like that and many others I thank God for my kids. In people around me.  Those who take me as I am.  Who I can trust not to talk behind my back and who I know I will always be there for them and me for them. February was a tough month for me.  I found solace in family and friends who let me cry, gave me advice, listened and loved.  Thanks you know who you are and it is appreciated.  No judging just lots of love.

The fact that food suppliers has lied to us saddens though doesn’t surprise me.  It makes me want to shop more locally and appreciate the fact that I can and do cook and love doing so.  The latest sleazy political scandal again saddens me.  I have said it before I would love to believe in a political party but I can’t.   I distrust them all.  And it gives me a great degree of cynicism yet I do believe there are those who are trustworthy and who do believe in what they are doing in politics and I admire and respect that.  The Church well recent experience personally has made me realise the Cardinal is not alone in loving to sit in judgement.  You could totally dismiss the whole Church.  But?  What about the ones that do love and are in it for the right reasons?  And is this not judging again? Jesus asked us to look at ourselves.   Wise advice and one  to stick with?

2013 news so far has been gloomy as it seems that trust in our institutions continues to dismantle and in some cases actually crumble.  I mentioned this on Twitter on Sunday and a fellow twitter friend pointed out that this often happens at the beginning of a new century.  A rather sobering thought if you think back to this time 100 years ago.  So I would like to perhaps naively think that maybe this century will be the time that we won’t believe that big institutions and brands are kings?  Money won’t be key to success.  We will question that big is not always good. We will appreciate the small things in life.  We will judge less and try to contribute more to our communities!

Naive?  Yes probably but without hope and without positivity where are we?


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. www.brightlightmarketing.co.uk. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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