How to get the most from Linking In

Not only do I advise clients on how to make the most out of social media and what social tool would work best for them. I also run a number of social media campaigns for clients across all the various social media tools. But I do practice what I preach and very pro actively use Social Media to promote Bright Light Marketing and am happy to say I know that it works as at least a quarter of our new business this year has come from this medium. Comments have included “When we needed help with our marketing we thought of Bright Light Marketing as you are so pro active on Twitter or I saw your profile on LinkedIn.”

But what medium is the best for your business? Well I would need to sit down and discuss that with you suffice to say one size doesn’t suit all. What would suit one business would not suit another in exactly the same way as any marketing communication. You need to know the medium that your customers and potential customers are more likely to see your message and use that. From experience Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have a role to play. For some companies one medium will work better than the other and if you find that a social medium isn’t working for you don’t use it. Use your time to make the most of the one that is. That said it is worth testing them all out and seeing how they work and I don’t mean for a couple of days. Social Media is no different from other marketing tools you need to give them time and test that they are working.

A very close friend was asking yesterday about how to make the most of LinkedIn so you have her to thank for inspiring this blog. I have had a LinkedIn profile for may years in fact before setting up Bright Light Marketing with colleagues in January 2007. But if I’m honest it is only in the last 12 – 18 months I have really made use of it pro actively. However it has had results and I already have had leads and actual new business from being more pro active on LinkedIn. That said there is a proviso. LinkedIn works best for business to business less for business to consumer. But if you are working in the business to business field it is an excellent tool so here are my five top tips.

1. Keep Your Profile Up to Date

It is easy to create a LinkedIn profile and think that’s it job done. But just like your CV it is not a static thing. You and your job evolves. Every year you add-on new skills you become more of an expert in different areas and you add to your achievements. Let people know that. Equally a photo that is five years out of date won’t reflect what you now look like so equally keep that up to date.

Why does it matter? Well two examples one my husband who won a tender against a rival law firm? Why? His profile was up to date the competition weren’t. Second example someone who applied for a board post. Why did they get the post? Because the Chair and Vice Chair of the board looked at their updated LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is being used by people to find out about your business and access in the initial stages if it is worth contacting you. Don’t lose out by having an out of date profile. You would be better not being on LinkedIn at all. Keep your pr0file up to date.

2. Don’t Just Connect

It’s easy to have all these connections on LinkedIn and do nothing with them. When someone asks to connect with you on LinkedIn send them a message back and start communication and if you feel its worth meeting up with them do so. Worst case someone is more aware about what you do. They might not use you but they could be an excellent referer. Best case scenario you ger new business out of it so what have you got to lose? Much better than just simply connecting and doing nothing about the connection. So connect with your connections.

3. Endorse and Recommend

LinkedIn has a new tool when you can endorse others for skills that they have added to their profile and equally they can endorse you. Use this tool. If you endorse others they will endorse you. It helps to strengthen relationships. If I’m honest it makes you both feel good and again means you have an up to date profile. Equally it is important to have recommendations from current clients, past clients and past places of work. People buy people and both endorsements and recommendations can get you new business. Make sure you endorse and recommend and that others do the same for you.

4. Update your status at least once a week

Social Media is not a static communication. It is there to be changed and updated. Update your status at least once a week. Add links to your blog and any links to newsletters that you send out. Add a link to a business article you have found interesting or simply let people know what you are working on and familiarise them with your expertise. The important thing is to update with interesting and relevant information about you and your business.


5. Look to see whose Looking

On your profile even if you don’t pay for the creme de la creme version of LinkedIn which I don’t. You can see who has been looking at your profile. It is worth keeping an eye on and seeing whose checking you out. It might be your next lead or job. It only takes a few minutes to do so but it is well worth doing so. Look at least once a week at who is checking you out.

My tips on making the most of your LinkedIn profile I hope they are helpful. I know from experience that not only does it create awareness about your business it brings you business. Try it.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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