Andy Murray A Survivor

Andy Murray a Survivor


I am a great Andy Murray fan and have been supporting him now for more nail biting years than I can remember often from behind the sofa.  Did I believe that he could win a Grand Slam?


If I am honest I am not sure.  I knew that he had the ability to do so but I was always rather afraid that he didn’t have the belief in himself to actually do it.  So I was rather pleased when I heard earlier in the year that Ivan Lendl was joining his coaching team.  He was the ideal man to instil that sense of belief in Andy having lost his first 4 Grand Slams himself.  And we did see a change in Andy Murray’s tennis quite quickly.  Yet he again lost to Federer in the Wimbledon final.  The question was what Andy was going to do next.  Again I wasn’t sure but I really feel that as his mum Judy said that the Olympics came at the ideal time for Murray he didn’t have time to reflect on his loss and he got caught up in the pride of Team GB.  And it worked he got the Gold.  I will always remember his elation as he was awarded that Gold Medal.  He had a huge smile on his face even if Ivan Lendl’s barely twitched.


However although it was a momentous moment for him.  It still wasn’t a Grand Slam.  But I knew then that he was going to win one as winning had given Andy Murray that belief that he needed to become the Champion.  I predicted his USA win to a very sceptical family in the early rounds of the USA Open.  I just knew he was going to do it.  We don’t have Sky so couldn’t watch the match so we did go to bed after some hours of trying to make sense of the match on Twitter!  My son and I thought were up at 6am and I sat there as I watched the news with tears running down my face.  Andy Murray Grand Slam Champion.  He had done it and you know I predict he will do it again and again.


But you know being a winner in anything it’s not just about the winning.  It is about the belief too.  But it is also about the talent, the hard work that you put into it, your mentors in life and your friends and family.  And it being about your moment your time.


I have enjoyed watching all the winners in this summer of sport.  From Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish in the Tour of France.  To all the great winners in the Olympics and Paralympics.  But for me Andy Murray winning that Grand Slam was truly inspirational.  Here was a man who had survived the Dunblane shooting as a small boy.  Had to leave his family to go to Spain to pursue his dream.  To be the best UK tennis player we have ever seen yet face constant media pressure and criticism.  For us Scots he is one of Jock Tamson’s Bairns and we loved him winner or not.  But in winning I personally feel that he has given back to that small town of Dunblane.  Showing that sadly there is evil in this world but there is also good and always hope.  There has been much speculation what Andy is doing when he raises his fingers in the air after winning a match or indeed a Grand Slam.  He is quite rightly keeping it to himself and so he should.  But I like to think he is saying a prayer for all the children of Dunblane.


Andy Murray I salute you!  Courage, ability to fight against adversity, determination, wry Scottish humour and above all a survivor.


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