I never did like Sea Gulls

Lewis and Harris 2012 Part Two

In my blog last week introducing my thoughts on our 2012 holiday to Lewis and Harris. https://fionadranesblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/holiday-in-lewis-and-harris-2012/  I mentioned that nearly everything about our holiday exceeded our expectations including to my great relief the weather.

One rather important element which didn’t was the cottage we stayed in.  If I’m honest it wasn’t a home from home and since my return home has made me so appreciate my own house.  Although we didn’t like it we did have a resident sea-gull who obviously did like it and regarded it as his home.  From the moment we arrived he sat on top of the bin outside the house and looked in at us.  Everytime you passed the kitchen window there he was with his black eyes focused on the house.

It is a joke within my family that I seem to go away and always encounter some animal which I have an adventure with.  In Spain I have been chased many times by dogs and on one occasion by a pig!  Who ran after me when I was out running I was terrified till I realised the pig was on a chain.

I’m afraid I have had a few adventures with birds too and although I am very fond of birds I like them to be in the air and nowhere near me.  OK I admit it I am actually rather afraid of birds.  I have had a few birds in the house.  On the first occasion in our flat in Edinburgh I had a day off and had opened the bathroom window.  An hour or so later a bird flew in and when I realised I phoned my husband to ask him to come home and remove it.  He told me not to be so silly.  So did I go and get rid of it?  No.  I closed the bathroom door and left it there till my husband came home many hours later and I confess used the public toilets close to the flat!  In our home here we have had birds down the chimney on a number of occasions.  Thankfully I have not often been the one to encounter them.  On two occasions though I was home alone without birdman husband.  On the first occasion he was thankfully in Galashiels and nearby so I was able to summon help quickly.  On the second occasion he was in Carlise Christmas shopping with my daughter.  They thought it was hilarious when I phoned up in hysterics about the very large black bird that had taken resident in my living room.  I failed and still fail to get the joke!  My neighbour wasn’t at home either when I ran out to the street but thankfully the manager of the local hotel was passing by and came to my aid.

Seagulls are perhaps my greatest nemesis though thankfully none have popped down my chimney.  But encounters with them on holiday are a recurrent theme for me.  Visiting Disney in California one pooped on me just as I was about to watch the final show.  Doesn’t look good on a white t-shirt and rather ruined the rest of my visit.  A short break in Oban when my daughter was a baby saw me eating a crab sandwich on the pier.  A gull dived down and took the sandwich off me.  Boy how I screamed though I was thankful that my husband was holding my daughter.  This was repeated in Eyemouth on a day trip when I was eating fish and chips and the gulls dive bombed trying to steal my supper!  I ended up in the car and have always eaten in ever since.

So I am not a great fan of sea gulls and the fact that I kept getting given the evil eye by our resident gull on holiday made me very uncomfortable though I was fascinated by why he was there and what was he thinking and we had endless discussions about it!  And on the plus side he didn’t follow me home.  Well not yet!  Our home from home below well the original version of it.



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