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What Makes a Good Marketing Plan?

We are currently working on a marketing plan for a client and as we have gone along have realised there are lots of processes that you need to go through to write a good marketing plan. Ultimately the test of … Continue reading

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Grey is the new Yellow

; ; We often laugh at ourselves in the UK that we are obsessed with the weather and that it is all that we talk about. I myself am totally obsessed with the weather taking after my Dad who is … Continue reading

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Working on some of my favourite things!

Life recently has been really busy both personally and at Bright Light Marketing as we hit mid July and the middle weeks of the summer holidays. At home we have been busy taking kids to and from grandparents, enjoying individual time together … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Right now my kids are enjoying valuable time with their maternal grandparents and in a few weeks time they will do the same with their paternal grandparents. Valuable time for all concerned and a chance for them to build on … Continue reading

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Communicating isn’t just about you doing the talking

The more I think about marketing and believe me I think about it a lot.  It is quite simply communication. Making sure that you communicate with your customers on a regular basis. However that has caused me to think more … Continue reading

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