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#Scotlandhour versus BBC Apprentice 2012

Today’s blog was supposed to be about episode two of the BBC 2012 Apprentice.  But I have to confess I gave up on last night’s show twenty minutes in.  One reason was the women were cackling again though the main … Continue reading

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Apprentice 2012 – Same old!

I must admit when I saw the publicity and adverts surrounding the 2012 Apprentice I was excited and also pleased that a show that I enjoyed was going to replace the 2012 Master Chef series which I really enjoyed this … Continue reading

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Price Part Two – Beacause you’re worth it?

In the first part of this two-part series on price I covered researching price. Research is essential not just in deciding on the price for your product but also as a crucial first step for any business when starting out, … Continue reading

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A Price worth paying?

I am frequently asked to speak at workshops and conferences on various marketing topics and enjoy doing so as it is always a chance to meet new people and businesses.  I also enjoy the research and preparation that goes into speaking … Continue reading

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Catching up

Apologies it’s been two weeks since my last blog post.  My excuse is that having been laid low with a throat infection for two weeks I am still playing catch up both personally and particularly at work. Work wise the … Continue reading

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Toddler steps for Fiona Drane

I am sure no one has noticed my lack of Facebooking and tweeting this week it’s only been a couple of days though it feels like a month to me.    But I have been feeling so ill and so sorry … Continue reading

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