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The times they are a changing and the big guys aren’t keeping up

One of the jobs of a marketer is to people watch looking for trends to emerge. As someone who likes nothing better than watching people this is something I love to do. And from time to time I come up … Continue reading

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The golden number how many times should you communicate with customers?

On Saturday I got an email from my mother in law asking me if I could confirm whither the marketing rule was that you need to communicate with customers nine times before the message is really taken in and hopefully … Continue reading

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All in a twitter about #scotlandhour

For those who know me this will come as no surprise.  I love Scotland I have since I was a small child.  From a young age I have loved to tell anyone who will listen about Scotland and what a … Continue reading

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Lets here it for Grannies

I realise in my last blog entry I did not make mention of my Grandmothers.  That is because my maternal nana died when I was two and my paternal Gran when I was seven.  Although I do remember my Gran … Continue reading

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On 11/11/11 who will you remember?

Today is a poignant day it is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.  And it is almost 100 years since the start of the First World War.  So who will you be remembering today? I … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Mid Winter

In the bleak mid winter is one of my favourite carols along with Silent Night. I love the words and the tunes to both. Yet I don’t love the bleak mid winter in fact winter is by far my least … Continue reading

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250 days of No Big Supermarket Shopping

I haven’t updated for a while on our endeavour to shop locally as much as possible and to avoid shopping in the big supermarkets. Which in the Scottish Borders are Asda and Tesco’s in Galashiels. Plus now Sainsburys in Kelso. … Continue reading

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