Mr Hoppy’s Hopping Adventure

My daughter was off school last week with a very bad cough a cold.  When she was feeling a bit better on the Friday she wrote this story for me and said I could share it on my blog.  So I give you Mr Hoppy’s Hopping adventure. 

PS – Scroll to the end to find out what happens.

Mr Hoppy’s Hopping Adventure

The only furniture in Mr Hoppys small living room was a table and two chairs. These we moved into his bedroom. Then Mr Hoppy went out and bought a sheet of thick canvas these we put on his entire living room floor. Mr Hoppy then got out the telephone book and wrote down the addresses of every pet shop in the city. There were fourteen in total.


Mr Hoppy ambled down the damp dim litter filled alley way. His tattered thread barn bag blowing in the cold icy wind and smashing in to his glasses breaking them in smithereens. Mr Hoppy had been to thirteen of the shops that he had seen the in the address book he now had one more pet shop to go. At last he came to an ancient shed with an old creaky wooden door above the door a sign said dizzier dazzar mad pets




Mr Hoppy Opened the door hatch.  It  made a funny kind of creaky sound before it fell to the ground in a loud thump. Mr Hoppy looked over at the colossal desk trying to find a shop assistant then he heard a cold icy drawling voice say :

“hello my dear what kind of pet would you like to-day?”


Mr Hoppy slowly turned round and tried to find the owner of the cold icy drawling voice. At last he looked down and saw a  small small small old lady dressed in a black dress with black shawl, black gloves, black stockings, black shoes and a black handbag. The small old lady smiled up at him when the old lady smiled up at him he could see bits of a rotten roast dinner. Her hair was jet black and had shampoo still in it.


“Are you deaf dear”  said the lady in her drawl of a voice.


“Ppplease  ccan Ii ssee yyour ppets”.  Mr hoppy stuttered. 

“ Of course dear we have some of the most amazing pets in the world.”


 Mr Hoppy and the small old lady looked from top to bottom five times round the shop before they game to a cage that was way from the other animals the cage had a thread bairn mouth eating cloth over it.

“What’s in there?”  Mr Hoppy asked.

“In there my dear is a centaur” the old lady said in a cold icy laugh.










“A what?” said Mr hoppy.

“a centaur dear” said the old lady.

“ forgive me for saying what’s a centaur?” asked Mr Hoppy in a puzzled voice. “What’s a centaur?  Are you saying to me you don’t know what a centaur is?”. Mr Hoppy nodded his head.

“A centaur is a half horse and half human.”

“That’s not possible.”

“ yes it is dear.”

“What part of him is human and what part is human and what part is the horse?”

“Well dear why don’t you see for your self?”

 Mr Hoppy slowly lifted the thread bare mouth eating cloth Mr Hoppy let out a huge scream. The animal in the cage had a head of a human and the body of horse.


Mr Hoppy opened his eyes he was laying face down on the floor. The old small women was standing over him her evil-smelling  breath filled Mr Hoppys lung the old small lady breath smelled of rotten egg and cress sandwich with a ponk of the most evil-smelling cheese in the world before we knew what happen we was out cold again. The old lady’s evil breath filling his lungs.









Mr Hoppy woke up he was still on the floor the small old lady was on the telephone. Mr Hoppy slowly stood up and started to walk to the colossal desk where the small old lady was talking on the telephone. At last the old lady looked round and saw Mr Hoppy standing there.

“ are you okay?”  she asked him.

“ yes” said Mr Hoppy. “ I am fine”.     Ppplease ccan ii see tthe centaur?”

“ are we sure ?” .  The old lady said.

“ yes I am” said Mr Hoppy.

“okay then” she said in her drawling voice.

The old lady lead him back to were the cage with centaur and  thread bare mouth eating cloth was. Mr Hoppy lifted the cloth this time he did not scream but looked very very closely at the centaur this time Mr Hoppy didn’t see the centaur as a horrible animal but really really beautiful its mane was a pure white and its body was pure white as well with flecks of brown.

“Please may I buy your most wonderful centaur?”

“ If you are sure.”  said the old lady. “ It will be 110 pounds.”

“ there you go” said Mr Hoppy handing over 11 brand new 10 pound notes.

“Well there you are” said the old lady handing him mangy old lead then she unlooked the bolts and let the centaur out. Mr Hoppy put the lead on the centaur and walked into the black of the night










Mr Hoppy woke up in his out of date old-fashioned blue stripe horrible pajamas he stretched and sat up in his vast colossal enormous bed and pulled the brand new silk sheets off him. Mr Hoppy Then jumped out of bed his feet hit a pure white rug that was so soft and fluffy that it came up to Mr Hoppy legs. Mr Hoppy walked over to enormous doors he then stepped inside the room behind the doors Mr Hoppy let the door swing shut with a thud.


Mr Hoppy emerged 10 minutes later holding a tweed jacket with a horrible tie a white shirt black trousers and a very fancy pair of black shoes all of Mr Hoppys clothes cost 1000 pounds. The reason that Mr Hoppy had rugs that were so soft that they came up to his legs was because we was a billionaire. Mr Hoppy had 20 mansions 100 factory just  in Scotland.  He also had houses all over the world.








Mr Hoppy sat down on a cushioned seat that looked like a throne. Mr Hoppy looked round as the huge white spotless doors swung open and in came hundreds of servants. Mr Hoppy watched each one of them which was really hard because there was so many of them some were dusting some were lightening the fire and the others were laying the great dinning room table with steaming sausages bacon fried eggs cooked to perfection.   mushrooms that were so lovely that you could smell them from 60 miles.   After that came his freshly squeezed orange juice and then came the black pudding that had been specially made for him it had also won best black pudding in the world 20 years in a row and last but not least were the croissants. Mr Hoppy was about to take a mouthful of sizzling sausage and bacon when the doors of the great dinning room fell open standing in the door was Mr Hoppys butler Mr Parks looking very very flabbergasted and flustered. He started to do a half walk half run when Mr Parks reached Mr Hoppy he took a deep breath and said in a scared voice “sssir wwere hhaving tttroble wwwwith the cccccccccccccccccccccentaur.”Mr Hoppy leaped making his plate full of food go crazily to the ground.



Mr Hoppy followed Mr Parks in fast stride Mr Parks lead Mr Hoppy right throw the mansion and out to the grounds at last the reached the stables


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