Kids not happy. I’m not happy.

Week one of back to routine was a success.  Kids were happy at school, I got tons done at work and enjoyed being back to normal working hours and the house ran more smoothly.  As over the summer I work and look after kids and housework tends to go to the bottom of the pile.  So by the end of week one I was delighted that the kids had settled back in so quickly and felt well more in control.

Week two wasn’t such a great success apart from work.  Work wise  we picked up another new job and commenced work on some new projects as well as our existing client base.  I was delighted as well that one client whose sales are up said that they felt it was down to the social media campaign we are carrying out for them.  I know social media works I truly believe it’s a great communication tool for businesses and it’s great to get that feedback.  So often businesses invest in marketing but don’t evaluate what is or isn’t working for them and then declare the marketing hasn’t worked when it has they just haven’t monitored it.  Or they find themselves suddenly busy and don’t understand why but we know it’s the marketing activity.  So wonderful to have a client who gave social media the credit for the increase in business.

Anyway work went well.  I continued to make in roads into housework and even was up to date with the washing at one point in the week.  So what went wrong?  I had one child sent home from school not well.  And one child who was miserable at school.  And made the rest of us feel pretty unhappy too as he worked out his emotions before finally telling me exactly what was up on Friday night.  Plus my husband wasn’t around much during the week out every night till after 2130.  Which I can handle usually but by Friday night I was ready to stop juggling so many balls and hand some over to him.  I did this quite successfully over the weekend we had a quiet weekend and husband even managed the feat of de cluttering the study.

But start of week three poorly child was a lot worse.  As I was set to work from home on a marketing plan Monday and Tuesday this did not cause too many issues.  However she didn’t get any better and I have now cancelled all meetings and planned activity till Friday.  She has now been drinking lemon and honey for three days and is marginally better but needs some more time off.  So best guess I will get her back Friday. 

 Other child is perhaps more miserable this week that last week and I’m starting to feel helpless in handling the situation other than telling him how much I love him and giving out lots of cuddles.

So we are three weeks into the school term. On the plus side the house has had much more attention and care and I am still on top of the laundry.  Work is going well and I’ve had two Marketing Plans and one research report to write which is my favourite element to my work so I have been enjoying it.  But I’ve still not got back into a routine  and currently have been house bound since Friday apart from dog walks and am beginning to feel I’m a character in ground-hog day.  And far more importantly the little people in my life are not happy.  They are the centre of my world and when they aren’t happy I’m not happy.

As the school day edges to a close I am hoping that my son will run home spring in the door all smiles and have had a good day.  And that as she goes to bed tonight my daughter will go to sleep and wake up feeling and looking better.  Well I can hope can’t I?  And maybe week 4 will see us all back to normal, happier and settled back into the routine.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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2 Responses to Kids not happy. I’m not happy.

  1. Sarah Heney says:

    Deepest sympathies…. My son failed to return to school due to an 8 day temperature and bronchitis.. Hes back now thank goodness. Last year he spent a lot of time unhappy. It breaks your heart doesn’t it. And then it passes eventually and things get back to normal. Hoping your son is able to sort out whatever is upsetting him, and that your daughter recovers as soon as possible. Much love xx

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