The Apprentice 2011 – Good Decision?

Although I have been away for two weeks and was successful in restricting my TV intake.  We did watch the Apprentice and on both weeks thought that Lord Sugar made the right decision in firing Melody and Natasha.

These two weeks did bring the final two candidates to the fore and saw Tom becoming stronger and stronger as a candidate and certainly in the selling task showed weaknesses in the steely armour of Helen.  I particularly loved Tom’s attention to detail on the take away task you could almost see his brain whirling away as he took his photos to come up with his Pye brand.  I thought the idea was brilliant and very of the moment.  Though did laugh at Columbus being a British stalwart!

Overall though heading into the final week they were the brightest hopes.  I still though thought that Helen had the edge as she had hardly put a foot wrong.  But it certainly all changed on the last episode.  Helen stumbled at the final post and in my view quite spectacularly and for me Susie came through as number two candidate.

Why?  Well I was delighted to see that finally we were going to hear about the candidates business plan’s.  What were their big ideas.  As for me surely this was crucial to the final decision and I was right.  Susie predictable cosmetics but  it’s her bread and butter and she came over very passionate about it and you could picture the business.  Tom wacky as ever but again when you got down to it was a chair to help back pain.  Jim still not sure what he was trying to do other than do what he did all series sell himself to Lord Sugar.  But in the current climate he had no chance schools have no money and Lord Sugare did not want to start a social enterprise but a business that would make a profit.  Helen did her elevator speech sat down and I was none the wiser.  Thank goodness Margaret explained it for me in two words I could understand it was to be a concierge service.  Mistake Helen huge mistake.

So going into the board room for me it was between Tom and Susie with Helen in third and Jim a distant fourth.  I was right on Jim.   And also right on susie as on the after show Lord Sugar said he would keep talking to Susie.  Nick in media reports over the weekend said that in a few years Susie would walk the floor on this programme and I think he is right.  But to be fair to Lord Sugar Helen had performed so well she did deserve to be down to the final two.  And as we would all agree had it been the previous format she would have walked the floor.

 But it wasn’t as I have been saying in this blog all along it was to go into business with Lord Sugar.  He was looking yes for people who had skills to run a business but also who had business ideas.  For me Jim failed and sadly Helen did too as you could feel her pain as she realised her error.  But five minutes before the end of the show was too late to offer her idea number two.  A specialist bread and cake shop.   Please Helen open one up in St Boswells again of the moment and it’s her bread and butter it’s the business she is in.  Why oh why did she not go for this idea?  I though was glad that Lord Sugar did not allow her to choose another option as had she won on this basis for me it would have been cheating.  The game was one business idea and that is part of the process of being in business.  Some come up with great ideas and their business is a success and other’s come up with an idea that is not so good and the business fails.  That is life.

So in conclusion I was delighted that Tom won he was the dark horse all along who other candidates could have done well to listen too.  Plus for me he was a genuinely nice guy.  I get really fed up with candidates in the apprentice like Melody who do all this tough business chat.  It’s not what business should be about.  Thought it was ironical in Melody’s after show programme that she showed another side to her.  She talked tough as she often felt insecure and you know if she had shown her true personality occasionally in the programme I would have liked her much better.  Her business is actually about caring and I liked her so much better when she was able to really be herself.  People like People they buy from people and do business from people.  People like Tom so that is one of my main reasons.  But I also loved his creativity he was a creative genius and I loved watching his brain cells go into action.

So I was surprised but delighted that Tom won definitely the right decision.  Helen I am sure will be given a top job somewhere very soon.  Though for me Helen needs to spend some time just being Helen and take time to smell the roses.  You are a long time dead and she came across as if she would benefit just taking time to enjoy life and interests outside work.  Susie I am sure we will hear of her success in the future with or without Lord Sugar.  And Jim will go off on the next sales pitch with a smile on his face and hopefully a few lessons learnt.

Apprentice 2011 it’s been a great series so what are we going to do with our Wednesday night’s now?


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