Episode Nine – Yapping Puppies Apprentice 2011

The above title is how Karren Brady described Susie in this week’s Apprentice.  She commented that Zoe put Susie down as you would a yapping puppy.  A apt comment but I actually thought that the whole team were a bunch of yapping puppies with the exception of Tom who was the loveable pup trying to please everyone and do his best.  It’s now how women do and should operate in the workplace and I personally would have fired all three yapping puppies.

However it was Zoe who Lord Sugar fired.  Must admit I have quite liked Zoe’s business skills up to now but as she said herself last night she did make mistakes and as leader she deserved to take the blame.

There are lots I could say about last night’s Apprentice but keeping it brief the task was lost on three fundamental area’s.  Product, Target Audience and Presentation.

Zoe’s gut instinct was to be in the factory to produce the biscuit.  But was over ruled by her team and she went with their view instead of going with her instinct.  Sometimes in business you have to go with your instinct especially if you are going to be an entrepreneur or run your own business.  Yes you might make mistakes but you will more often be right than wrong.  And it’s a well known fact that successful people and businesses are the ones who take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.  So Zoe should have been at the heart of the production.  And the brand, packaging and strapline should have made around the product and the target audience it was designed for.

This was another mistake their biscuit was for everyone to share dating couples, couple nights in, girls nights in , to share at school, kids to share outside school.  You name it they were the target audience for snap and share.  Wrong!  As they would have seen when they checked biscuits out at the supermarket there is a vast range of biscuits on the market and in order to be successful you need to focus on one target audience.  Which is what Helen’s team did and how she got the huge order from Asda.  Kid’s product sold to a supermarket whose core customer is families it’s no wonder they won the task.  And they did take a risk as their gut reaction was not to go for flapjacks but they went with the view of the kids in their research who were their target audience. That instict was right.   Here Melody whose conduct again through out the whole episode was appalling was right when she got them to focus on one market.  But it was too late.  Though I don’t think it was the right market she chose and this should have been decided before the presentations.  But Melody does like to be dramatic! 

Leading me on to the third mistake which is the presentations.  Role playing in a presentation.  No wrong, wrong and the execution of it was awful too.  Zoe presents to food buyers in her day job so why oh why did she let this role play happen?  And after the first  execution why did she not say no for the other presentations? 

So Zoe I am sad in some ways to see you go as there are much weaker or in my view major trouble makers still in such as Susie, Melody and Natasha.  But you did make errors this week that meant I could understand why Lord Sugar fired you.

One yapping puppy fired two maybe three still in the running the Apprentice 2011 continues.  Though why I do not know as I said last week Lord Sugar should just hire Helen and be done with it or do we want to see Jim, Susie, Natasha, and Melody being taken down a peg or two in the interview episode in two weeks time?  Let me think yes I do.  What do you think?


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