Unsung local heroes

It’s day three of village week today as it’s a St Boswells holiday there are lots of activities for the kids organised by as I thought about it yesterday local unsung heroes. People who take time out of their busy lives to make village life what it is.  As I reflected on this I realised that even in St Boswells there are too many of them to mention in person but a big thanks to you all.  This includes the soup club helpers who make lunch for the village every week.  The Brownie, Boy Brigade and Guide helpers. Those who help at tennis, organise the village week and the hoolie in the hall at New Year.  Those who cleared paths and always had access to the church over the bad weather.  A big thanks to you all.

I want though to particularly thank two people who are central to my son’s favourite hobby which is football.  My son is a proud member of the St Boswells P1-P3 football team.  He loves being part of this with a passion and unless we are away would not miss a match.  Yesterday the St Boswells team took part in the Cameron Gunn Football tournament in Netherdale in Galashiels.  It was cold, it was wet and it was windy.  I wanted to be anywhere than a freezing cold football pitch.  But as cold as I was as freezing as I became by the end.  I enjoyed the afternoon.  Why because it made my son happy to be part of this team drawing one match and winning all the rest.  It’s not just the winning though that counts as competitive as the St Boswells team are really at heart the important thing is that they are a team.  This small part of their life will take values and memories into their future.

Much of that goes down to the coaches Brian and Kevin who encourage, teach them and on occasions let them know when their behaviour is out-of-order.  Each year they take primary one boy’s who can hardly kick a ball to one another and make a team of them.  They come out rain or shine and dedicate time to the team and I just want to say a big thanks to you. 

So a big thanks to Brain and to Kevin of the St Boswells football team.  Thanks to all the unsung heroes of St Boswells and all the communities across the country who are full of unsung heroes.  A particular thanks too the organisers of the Cameron Gunn football tournament. This is organised to raise money for youngsters in sport with heart conditions in memory of Cameron Gunn.  http://www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk/sport/thousands_more_remember_cameron_1_100767

Unsung heroes what make our communities tick thanks to you all.


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