I’m trying to sing in the rain!

Woke up yesterday at 0740 and couldn’t think what had woken me.  Then I realised that it was a sound I had not heard for a while.  Rain and torrential rain at that.

I listened to it for a while in my cosy bed with everyone else in the house fast asleep.  I like listening to the wind or the rain when I’m in my bed it makes me feel in just the right spot and I lie there and imagine what it would be like to be outside or by the sea as the waves roar at you and the rain pours down.  To me there is something very comforting about being in bed when it’s raining.

Eventually I could hear the dog waking. The rain was thundering down on the dining room roof reminding him it was morning and he wanted some company.  As I let him out I marvelled at the colours in our garden.  The rain had illuminated them making the garden seem brighter and more beautiful than it had been before and enhancing every plant and every flower as if the welcome drink had meant they had their best outfit on in order to say thanks.

I had a rather full on weekend.  Of getting kids to football, drama, sleepover and entertaining my in-laws who were staying for the weekend and stuck with me for much of the time as kids and husband drifted in and out of the house.  Making me feel that at this stage of my life my role is to ensure the safe delivery and ability to develop the hobbies and interests of my children while I stay here at home to be the foundation of their lives when they return.  Or that is what I am trying to achieve.  In reality the yummy mummy look fails almost all of the time and the nurturing mum look my favoured persona is there some of the time but I confess the harassed mum with too many worries and cares on her shoulders and feeling often that I am taken totally for granted also appears especially at certain times of the month.  Yesterday and today has been a case in point and the weather hasn’t helped.

So although I started out with the rest of the family to feed the pigs yesterday afternoon.   I came home after the kids started fighting about who was feeding the pigs. My husband walking behind oblivious to the war that was going on around and I acted once again as UN ambassador to my fighting kids.  I decided to come home and took myself to the bottom of the garden where the summer-house is and curled up with a book and a blanket and finished Grace Williams says it out loud as the wind beat round the summer-house.  And kept quiet when my family returned shouting for me all through the house with only the dog sniffing me out quickly but for once sensing my need for peace and left me alone.  My daughter having looked in all my favourite haunts soon found me and was thrilled that as I had just finished my book I was happy to read to her.  So the remainder of the afternoon was spent cuddling and reading her book a perfect retreat for two book lovers on a rainy summers day.  And a reminder to me that I do get mothering right some of the time. 

By evening the sky was blue again and although it was chilly the rain had gone.  But this morning I woke up to black skies and rain and gales.  Looking at my phone I saw this was supposedly it for the week.  A week of rain and wind.  What has happened to summer I wondered.  One day of rain acceptable a week of it with high winds to much no thank you.

Still I summoned my brightest rain clothes green spotty rain coat and my purple wellies and ventured out on my school run and dog walk.  We got soaked to the bone the only good thing was the catch up with my friend.  The daily walk is always an important part of my day but Monday’s is perhaps my favourite as it ‘s a time to catch up with your news. 

But even the dog was glad to get in the house.  I have been writing a marketing plan today and would usually do that in the dining room so I can look out on the garden and watch the outside world as I work.  I retreated to the study a tiny room that is cluttered and needs a good paint and clear out.  However it’s warm and with its tiny window only gives a small glimpse to the world outside so I can pretend that it’s summer even when it’s showing signs of mid winter.

On the plus side the marketing plan update for a client flowed as it’s been going through my head since I carried out lots of research for them last week and have been thinking about it all weekend. 

It’s written now though and I am left to reflect summer time in Scotland.  On the one hand part of me would love right now to be sitting in a cafe in Mahon the capital of Menorca down by the harbour watching the world go by, admiring all the rich yachts and imagining the lives the people lead who own them.  Are they happy with all their wealth?  Or do they suffer from the worries and concerns of us less well off mortals.  Of course I know the answer to that one they suffer worries like the rest of us but their lives well its amusing to think what they might be like.  I love also to watch the Menorcans especially the older women clothed in black with lines on their faces that shows a life led.  Mothers who have been central to their families as their kitchens have been the focus of the family.  I am in no dobt they have led the more rewarding lives.  There is nothing I like better than sitting in a cafe in southern Europe with the sun on my back people watching, wondering and imagining.

I am not in Mahon as much as I can and do summon it up in my mind often when I want to take myself away.  I am in St Boswells in the Scottish Borders and once again April has been sunny but this has ended abruptly in May.  What will the rest of the summer be like I wonder?  Well here is hoping for more sun but who knows.  What I do know is that today and yesterday it has rained and brought gusty winds but tomorrow well tomorrow is another day and in Scotland that could mean anything weather wise.  For now I am attempting to sing in the rain and get myself into a cheerier mood!  Perhaps that is where the musical got the idea from as singing in the rain does cheer you up.  So if you hear singing from a house in St Boswells it’s me singing in the rain to cheer myself up.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. www.brightlightmarketing.co.uk. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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