Episode Two – America Wakes Up

Episode Two and all the way through the episode I wanted the boys to win.  Why?  Well quite simply the boys to me worked far better as a team and were likeable.  Where as the girls were like a cackle of witches who did nothing to support women in the workplace and everything to support the stereo type that we spend our time back stabbing and can’t take the heat so revert to tears.  It makes for good TV but is not realistic of the business world that I work in and I work with two female colleagues.

The task in hand was to devise App’s for Apple and the winning team was quite simply the team with the most downloads.  On a personal basis I did not like either App but then again even though I love my ifone and suffer at times from ifone addiction I am very selective on the App’s that I have and I am not in the target market for this task.  If I had to buy one of the App’s I would have gone for the boys as I doubt my kid’s would have found it funny.  But could just see my son having lots of fun with the girl’s annoying sounds one especially if I or his sister hated the sounds produced.  First point to the girls.  The App’s were for a younger market and the girl’s one was more likely to be bought and used by the target audience.

Second point the girl’s team won because they described what the App did clearly and simply.  As Ronseal say’s “It does exactly what it says on the tin.” While the boy’s description was vague and far too clever.  When you only get a couple of seconds to attract attention you have to be clear, simple and concise.

The third winning point was the fact that the boy’s did not think about global.  I am unsure actually if this came into the girl’s thought process either.  However the annoying sounds work globally regional UK accents don’t and this was the main reason that the girl’s won the task with such a margin.  As Lord Sugar said quite simply America woke up.

I must admit I had some sympathy with the boy’s on this one.  As a marketer I have always worked in the UK market and I could easily have made the same mistake.  However it is a simple marketing rule you need to know who and where your audience are.  So lesson learnt for me as well as them.

So in my opinion unfortunately the girl’s won as their behaviour did not merit it.  But that said the girl’s did due to three simple things:

1. They knew their audience which was a younger audience who would want to annoy mothers and siblings with annoying noises.

2. They kept the description simple and concise so that the audience knew exactly what they were buying.

3. The App unlike the boy’s appealed to a world-wide audience and they won as America woke up and downloaded their App.

As for the losing candidate I didn’t have any sympathy Alex really had made no impact at all.  However I loved Jim’s tactics at getting out of the board room superb and as for the wink at the end?  Definitely one to watch.

Apprentice 2011 next episode on Wednesday 18th May 9pm BBC1.


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