Back to reality

Today has been all about getting back to reality as the alarm went off again at the crack of dawn, there were packed lunches to be made, clothes to put away, porridge to help the brain cells to be made and two kids got to school for the bell.  Then there was the reality of being back at work.  Phone was switched on for emails again, emails were read and replied to, a to do list was composed and then it was back to work.  While not for the first time I thought that the dog really gets the best deal as he sat in his chair looking on at my feverish activity or ventured out to sit in the sun.

Must admit like many I did not want to get back to the reality of routine I rarely do after a break but the weather has been so glorious over the past ten days it made me feel even less enthused. 

We have had a really great break starting with the Vets and the Melrose Sevens with a Melrose win at the latter to a huge crowd all just about on their feet as the whistle sounded as the sun shone down on the Greenyards.  We also in that first weekend managed to fit in two first b-ques of the year and I got the roof down of Bertie Beetle and drove around the Borders in style.

Monday started last week and it looked as of the weather had broken so we did the shoe shopping often necessary when you have kids who grow fast.  My daughter is now half a shoe size below me and I suspect that like me before hand my shoe cupboard (yes I did say cupboard Imelda eat your heart out) will be no longer just mine.  Thankfully I suspect that she won’t stop like me at 4 so my mum had the worst deal as I have fitted her shoes for a long long time! 

 By the time we had done this though the sun was out again and we made plans for various walks over the week.  Most of which we walked though have a few of our favourites still to walk for the holiday weekends ahead.  So the St Boswells/Benrig walk via Mertoun Bridge and the golf course got done a few times.  We also walked from Selkirk back to St Boswells in record time and rewarded ourselves with a coffee and cake at Mainstreet Book Shop.

We are only an hour from the coast and no holiday at home is complete without a trip to Holy Island and Eyemouth.  It was the windiest day of the holiday but no rain so we enjoyed walking round Holy Island and seeing all the newly born lambs and just taking in the view of that glorious island looking back to Bamburgh and the Northumbrian Coast.  If you go to Holy Island do have soup and a sandwich at Pilgrims Coffee shop.  Food is all freshly made they make excellent coffee and we can recommend the lemon drizzle cake.  After our bracing after lunch walk we went back over the Border to Eyemouth and enjoyed fish and chips looking over the harbour as the fishing boats went out and we consumed their recent catch.

Another highlight of our holiday was a visit from our best man who was in Edinburgh for a conference at Pollock Halls the University residence for Edinburgh University.  Where I met both our best man and my husband.  It was a bit surreal meeting him in front of Holland House holding my son’s hand and pointing up to the room where my husband had resided in.  It was great to see him and catch up with him and realise that after all this time and all the miles between us.  We still get on and can roll back the years as if they were yesterday.

A final highlight was that the kids managed to use the boogie boards they got for their birthdays and go into the North Sea at Aberdeen beach with their wet suits on.  It was a gloomy day but nothing was going to stop them and the looks on their faces was one of pure joy and delight showing that you don’t always need the sun to have fun in the sea.  Just determination and child hood glee!

So now it’s back to reality and tonight I have been brought back to reality with a bump as my daughter has not had the best day at school.  Girls why do they have to be so tough on one another?  Boys seem to be so much better at just being friends with out over analysing it.  Some big hugs being required tonight for my little girl.  Work wise I have opened all my emails now and the grey matter is now thinking about all things Bright Light Marketing and our clients.  The great thing about a holiday work wise is that the rest does your brain good and you come back with lots of ideas of how you can take things forward. 

Only 11 weeks till the next holiday and another chance to take a step away from reality.  But for now it’s back to the evening routine of bedtime and I must go to read the Wombles to my son and a book about Cavers to my daughter.  But I will keep the benefits of last week with me and when I feel blue will remember the joy at the Greenyards and the roar of the crowds, the fields across to St Boswells overlooking the Cheviots, the scene from Holy Island to the Northumbrian coast and finally the look on the kids faces as they went into the North Sea.

PS- A huge congratulations to a very special couple who gave birth to their baby daughter while I was on holiday.  A very special and wanted little girl.  It was the first news I saw on the first day off and it made my day as these three special people start family life together.  Congratulations.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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