Spring has sprung

It has been a wonderful last few days in the Scottish Borders as I know it has been elsewhere in the UK which has raised my spirits.  Spring comes every year and every year it is a joy but this year after such a cold and harsh winter I am greeting it with a big smile in my face and marvelling more than ever at mother nature at work.

This spell of good weather made for a good weekend which although it was busy made all of us want when we could to be outside enjoying the sunshine.  So Friday night saw us fitting in an additional walk which made us in a rush for the final night of my husband’s drama but nobody minded as it was just so good to be out and about in the bright sunlight.

The St Boswells drama had another succesful run this year with their play “Out of sight.  Out of Murder.”  This is an event that we never miss as my husband stars in it and yet again I have great respect and pride for him as he took to the stage once again.  However even if my husband wasn’t in it I would support this important event in Borders life.  The Borders has a long tradition at this time of year of putting on Opera’s and drama productions and it is great to see the expertise and talent in the area and the quality of the productions from the actors and or singers to the costumes, stage and light and sound.  It’s another way that Border communities come together and shows what makes up real communities and binds us together.  So a big well done to my husband but also a big thanks to all who make St Boswells drama a reality.

Saturday dawned in beautiful sunlight and I enjoyed an early walk with the dog listening to the bird song and looking out for newly opened daffodils with their splendid yellow colours of warmth and hope.  The sun also shone on St Boswells P1-P3 football club as I watched my son score five goals in his matches and attempted to prevent our dog from joining him on the pitch.

Saturday afternoon was all about the rugby and it was great to see in sport when things don’t go to plan and it made for a great sporting day.  However my son and I did manage another walk in between matches as we did the marches of St Boswells.

Sunday my daughter’s 10th birthday dawned cloudy and dull and it was a flowering daffodil in my neighbour’s garden which brought colour to me as I walked round the village.  But then the sun came through and brought colour and warmth to the rest of the day.

We spent quite a bit of the day going backwards and forwards to see the pigs to show my parents the pigs and where they were kept and then later in the day to feed them.  I wrote in a very early post about gardening last summer that I am always one step behind my husband.  As you know when pig rearing was first brought up I was not a fan.  And it was as ever his good persuasion skills that brought me round.

I must admit as ever he is right about this co-operative venture with our friends  and I was wrong.  It is great for the kids to be so close to animals and see the process through.  They are country kids and they are getting a true understanding of what it means to live in the country the good and the not so good parts of rearing animals from the escaping pigs to the end process it is all creating memories for them.  And yesterday as the sun shone as I held the dog’s lead, as the kids and my husband fed the pigs with the Eildon hills smiling down on us there was nowhere and nobody else I wanted to be.  Than here in the Scottish Borders with the people who I love most in the world celebrating ten years of my daughter’s life all to date spent in this wonderful part of the world.

Today I have a to do list that is giving me cause to put my time management skills into optimum use.  The worries I had last week are still with me they don’t go away.  But the sun has been shining all day.  More daffodils have flowered.  In the garden the signs of spring are everywhere.  To night it will get darker a little later and tomorrow morning it will get lighter a little earlier and I will be woken up by birdsong.  And you know all of it means that my heart and soul will be a little lighter as each new day brings more warmth and colour.

So spring I salute you as a season.  It is a wonderful time of the year to be alive and to be in the countryside.  And to be alive I mean with the ability to stop and take the time to appreciate the season.  And I would like to wish my daughter all the very best in her tenth year.  She was born in one of the coldest March’s I can remember.  With snow across the UK and freezing temperatures.  But then and now she has brought great warmth and joy to our lives turned them upside down and made us better people for having her in our lives. 

This blog is for you happy birthday spring girl.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. www.brightlightmarketing.co.uk. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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