Escaping Pigs.

Gertrude and Oink have now been with us for nearly a week and in that short period of time have already made a name for themselves as the pigs of the great escape.

We had had them for less than 24 hours.  My husband was about to make toad in the hole a family favourite dish.  Wither they got wind that we were already eating pork I don’t know.  But just as he had sliced the sauasges we got the call that the pigs had escaped.

Husband and daughter ran out at top speed to the car to the rescue it was a bit like baywatch pig style they were on the scene that fast.  Leaving me to break the news to what I thought would be a angry son at being left only to find that he was actually only interested that the escaping pigs would not disturb the England V Scotland rugby game.

Assuming that it would be a five minute job at the stable and field that we are housing the pigs I assured my son that his Dad would be back for the match.  I assumed wrong.  In fact the pig hunters or rescuers were not to return till the game was nearly over. 

As novices we had not realised that when pigs escape they like to lead you a merry dance and if we thought our dog could run fast he seems to have nothing on the pigs.

So a merry dance began.  Oink the male pig was caught fairly early on and taken back to the stable.  But Gertrude was not so easy to catch and sped down the road towards the busy A68 and into a tree plantation.  Here husband, daughter our two fellow pig partners and four friends played hide and seek with Gertie.  With Gertie then speeding off across the road again and across another few fields.  When she obviously missed Oink and made her way back to the farm buildings where the mass of people finally managed to track her down.  Even then she was beaten but not out and husband had his first chance for a cuddle with Gertie as it was the only way to get her back to the stable. 

Back home I was wanting to join in the search  but there was no way my son was moving of his seat on the sofa as it did look through the whole 80 minutes of the match as if Scotland might win.  So between shouting on the boys on the TV I kept on and off communication with the pig hunters.  The first call my husband sounded the lowest of the low as he contemplated Gertie becoming bacon for some lorry driver on the A68 and our failure in less than 24 hours as hunter gatherers.  I meanwhile had visions of this pig being seen in and out of St Boswells for weeks to come as we all played spot the pig.  It’s happened before I kid you not a monkey escaped in the village and was eventually found a week later in the post office up in the rafters.  It had my daughter freaked as she kept thinking the monkey would like to settle in our house for a home.  I think she had visions of going to bed one night and finding it tucked up in bed snuggling into her cuddly ducks.

However just like Scotland Gertie didn’t quite manage the feat that may have made her newsworthy just a mention in my blog.  Since then I am happy to report both pigs have been on their best behaviour and seem to be settling down to their new life in St B.  Husband and fellow co-operatives have got over the shock and we are now settling into life looking after pigs.

And not just pigs.  Over Easter we are going to be able to turn our hands to looking after chickens too quite exciting as their owners are on holiday.  As a reward we get to keep the eggs.  Must say I am really looking forward to it.  Hoping though that it will be a smooth ride or will they also decide to teach us a lesson as they quickly realise that they are dealing with novices all be it keen ones?  Just think if animals could talk what tales they would tell.

Finally if you are reading this in the Borders and can make the St Boswells drama its on from the 16th-18th of this week.  Out of sight and out of murder.  My husband stars and given his first run in with the pigs he’s hoping for an easier run on stage.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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