Food, Theatre, Cold and Books.

Sorry with my lack of blogs this week.  I have had a full on week this week along with a full on cold so have been holding all the various balls up just but it hasn’t left a lot of time for anything else.

The cold hasn’t had me running to Tesco’s though for supplies.  Still managing to cope perfectly well without the main supermarkets though our shelfs are getting very low on supplies such as tinned goods as I have been trying to use as much as I have.  I am viewing this as a good thing as so often when you have your spring clear out you find food that is years out of date or is that just me?  I am finding milk is an issue in that you can’t get the big bottles locally and I am finding it hard to get anything other than a small pint of skimmed milk which means I have had to switch to semi skimmed which after years of skimmed I am finding quite creamy.  I have though managed with ease to find both yeast to make pizza tonight and mozzarella for topping at the deli in Melrose.  As I was in Melrose yesterday for a meeting I bought up a small supply of vegetables as well so hopefully other than the butcher and yet more milk we have not got much to buy this weekend.

Apart from work this week I had a treat to the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh to see Virginia Ironside speak about life after 60.  She was very funny indeed some of what she said I could relate to and some of what she said I could see as she sounded just like my mum!  Which my mum was delighted to hear when I told her as she told me last night about the pills she and her friend were now taking  and I related that’s just what Virginia said you swap pill stories!  Virginia Ironside has embraced old age and gave a very funny story of taking the bus all day when she got her bus pass just because she could and had the time to do so.  I envy her that time and resolve to do so when I get to that age though no doubt there will won’t be a free bus pass then.  She also put Craft in a completely new life for me so I can do Craft after all as if it’s about forgetting things I am very good at that!  I have always thought being a Grannie was a great thing and she obviously loves being a Grannie.  I just didn’t agree with her about being part of a book club what is wrong with it? Guess I will have to read her book and find out.  But all in all it was a great evening with friends despite being full of the cold and feeling a bit like Rudolph the red noise reindeer.

Having the cold is something I could have done without this week but then when is it ideal?  My son had it last week like me he was full of it and looked awful.  But despite being asked to take time off school he carried on all his activities including boys brigade and football with a snuffle or two on the way.  I have tried to do the same until my daughter was also floored with it and I woke up yesterday with a head that felt three times the size it usually does.  So I had to admit defeat and yesterday gave into the cold and took some time out.

This had me in bed for a sleep in the afternoon and I was back in bed not long after 7pm which gave me plenty time to read and finish my latest book.  “The Swimmer” by Roma Tearne.  Her previous novel “Brixton Beach” is my book club book this month.  Please don’t tell Virginia! Both books are set mainly in the UK but also around the civil war in Sri Lanka.  I love a novel with a good story but I also like a story which I can learn from.  I confess I don’t know much about Sri Lanka but these books have made me want to know more.  In addition the books really get to grips with family relationships.  The first is about a relationship with a grandfather and his daughter but it is also about his relationship with his daughter who he was so close to when she was a child but they drift apart.  The second book is at first glance a love story between an English woman in her early 4o’s and a young Sri Lanka asylum seeker beautifully told over the course of a warm summer.  I enjoyed it.  It was a love story and there was lots of sun and sea involved yet it still made you think.  Then tragedy happens and the middle part of the book is about how the Lover copes with that tragedy and also how his mother who has to come from Sri Lanka deals with it.  They both love him deeply but cannot relate to one another and though deep down they both know that they each loved him that each love was valid and that he loved them both they can’t relate to one another.  And sadly the mother goes back to Sri Lanka without it being resolved.  It makes you think that as much as I do think that you need to as suggested in To Kill a Mocking Bird sit in someone’s shoes and see it from their perspective.  This isn’t always easy especially when grief and love is involved.  And two people who could have found comfort from one another can’t reach each other as they are so bitter that he loved them both.  The book has a good ending though I did find the final few chapters rather frustrating and disoriented with the  rest of the book.  But both books are great if you want to have a think about family relationships and how we relate or don’t relate to one another.

So at the  end of another week and I am looking forward to the weekend though I’m now going to have to work really hard to make up for lost time yesterday.  Still not feeling great but hoping that I will be back to normal by Monday by taking it slightly more easy than normal.  Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy it what ever age you are.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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