Pigs bought – no supermarket shop

Well firstly an update on the pigs they arrive on Wednesday.  The question is wither we are getting two pigs or three the Blair/Cunningham/Drane co-operative needs to decide.  As for names out friends have decided to call their pig Gertrude and we are undecided about wither we are calling the other one anything though I suspect that it will happen.  So the summer of 2011 is going to be one of pig rearing it will mean we will have to be close to home a lot of the time but hopefully with three families involved we can arrange times to be away as well.  I have yet to see the pigs.  My son had a party this afternoon so my daughter and husband went though they have taken a photo for you to see.  They are coming from a farm at Morebattle so very much local pigs.

We have been supermarket free this weekend must admit so far it has not been too bad at all.  After a hectic week and especially a very exhausting Friday for my husband and myself we chose chinese last night.  But it is very local the family live in the village and their children attend the local school and nursery.  We were both so tired that it took us all our time to choose from the menu.  It was one of these evenings that neither of us were up to cooking.  Doesn’t happen very often which means when it does you don’t feel so bad about it.

Today we have shopped from the butchers for meat supplies over the weekend and husband has bought another pork belly to make into bacon.  This will be his second turn at curing meat.  The first we are now enjoying the rewards of and it was great to make carbonnara at lunchtime with his cured pancetta.  Husband and daughter on the way back from drama have also bought in fruit and veg supplies from the great vegetable shop in Melrose.  So we are well set up just need a trip to get milk and a few odds and ends at the co-op in the village.  I have already planned all the meals for the week so feel all set. 

We have a vast array of cookery books in our house as we both love cooking and can’t resist a new cookery book.  If you look at our shelf you might see it as indulgence or think we can’t use them.  But we do actually yes we have our particular favourites but they don’t stay on the shelf unless we cook from them.  Our main favourites tend to be Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith but we also favour a cook book from Spain and Nigella.  Today my husband is making Boston Beans from Jamie’s American book which caused me to re look at the book haven’t browsed in it for a while and it gave me a recipe for left over pork for next week.  It’s an Egyptian recipe with flat breads and as the co -op in St B will not have flat breads I’m going to have a go at making these as well.

So so far so good and given the hard week that my husband has had would say he has benefited from not having the stressful trip to Tesco’s this week.  Plus we have kept everything local and as a friend said on my Facebook page this week.  If you don’t support your local shops you will lose them.  She is quite correct and already I can see that we head for the supermarket too quickly when you can get the ingredient somewhere closer to home.  Plus although I do think that I serve a variety of dishes you can get into a bit of a rut and this is already making me start to think of new ideas and dishes with the food I can get to hand and that is not such a bad thing is it? 

So after partying last saurday to the wee small hours dressed up as Jerry and Margo at a 70’s and 80’s themed disco I am looking forward tonight to settling in front of the fire from wood we have sourced by the river Tom and Barbara style. 

 And finally pleased that husband did not come back having bought a cow to go with the pigs.  One thing at a time I think.  And although he reminds me of Tom with his twinkle in his eye and I would love to be as laid back as Barbara I am afraid I’m a bit more like Margo and a cow at this stage would be a step to far.


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