Day 4 -Final day – Attempt to get Mojo back

Well day three ended at the Prestonfield Hotel celebrating the life of Bill McLaren and raising money in his memory.  I met Bill McLaren during my time working at the Scottish Borders Tourist Board and thought he was a wonderful kind man and like many people even today Rugby is Bill McLaren.  Bright Light Marketing were hosting a table and it was a really great event which we were delighted to be part of and look forward to doing more for the trust that has been set up in his memory.

However on the way home in the pouring rain we had to go over Soutra.  I wasn’t driving my colleague was but as a back seat passenger I had lots of time to see where the accident was and it really shook me up.  We were driving in similar conditions just a few degrees warmer and I could picture the scene on Monday night and equally I could picture what might have been and it haunted me all night.  But in the cold light of day the sensible part of me told me to yet again count my blessings and that I’ve always believed that you can’t worry about the what if’s you don’t control them. 

The less sensible side of me didn’t listen and I spent a large part of the day with a dark cloud over me.  My husband was up early to go and get the stuff we had in Wanda and the picture he took of her reduced me to tears again.  And when he said that he had written Wanda on her bonnet with a love heart and I am sorry on the back of her (she needed a good clean) I was away again.  As he has nothing to be sorry for but the sentiment crumbled my fragile facade.

It was with this cloud we went off to Peebles to Browns the Honda garage.  And before we knew it were driving a brand new CRV.  It felt surreal going from Wanda who would have been 9 years old on the 9th of March to this brand new car with all its mod con’s.  The kids loved it and my husband liked driving it and I sat there feeling that I was in a dream.  I did though drive it as a huge kick up the back side as I knew if I didn’t I would start not driving it and it could become a big deal.  And it was wonderful to drive I must admit.  So husband went in to seal the deal while we sat in Bertie Beetle.  He came back out with the deal sealed on our new car which is not brand new but 3 years old and a staff car so well cared for and we will get it next week.  Untill then my husband informed us we could drive a courtesy car so my time with no car was over almost as quickly as it had begun.  Bertie was mine to drive again!

We drove home and I went to have a sleep to try to get my humour back to normal.  It didn’t work so I did took the dog for a walk in a final attempt to get back to normal and it did the trick.  Down by the Tweed with the sun just about to set I sorted myself out.

Yes it had been a bad week, the worst of the year so far.  Yes its been a tough winter with all these unexpected bills and yes no doubt we are not over the worst of it even though I am weary with the fight and hate seeing my husband is too.  But at the end of the day it goes back to basics.  Nobody was hurt I have my wonderful husband who I started going out with 22 years ago on Valentine’s day.  I have two great kids who are the centre of my world and a mad but loveable dog and I live where I want to be in a small village with easy access to the river.

So with this in mind I got my mojo back and I headed for home and surely a Scottish win against Wales?  But no the week was not to end in a high.  Scotland had lost its mojo too big time.

However I am happy to say its Sunday morning and I an up early with my son who has to see Match of the Day as soon as he’s awake and I’m counting my blessings in my little part of the world.  So I give you the photo I took of the primrose flowering in our garden which shows that spring is on the way and new hope round the corner.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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