Day one – All cars are the same?

Bertie is our red beetle which I now drive and Wanda is our Honda CRV which was my car but which my husband now drives.  Those of you who read my blog yesterday will know my husband had an accident on Monday night and thankfully is ok but Wanda is now off at the garage.  So until we get a courtesy car Bertie is on his old daily jaunt with my husband to Edinburgh and I have no car.  In the city a car was sometimes more of a hindrance when it was easier to walk or to take the bus.  But here with out a car its very difficult to get around especially if you live in St Boswells and work in Selkirk.  So the next few days should be interesting.  But the feeling to-day is not one of isolation as thanks to my colleague I got to my meeting in Peebles.  No I feel as if I miss a friend and hope she comes back home soon.

And yes it is Wanda I am missing.  And yes I know that sounds slightly mad on my part.  And you may say to me but it’s just a car Fiona and a car can be replaced.  You are right I know you are right.  But for me not all cars are the same.

I admit cars for me used to be aspirational.  When I was in sixth year of Park School for young ladies many of my school friends were given a car by their parents.  Brand new Golf or BMW in some cases if you can believe it.  I didn’t envy them their car as quite frankly what had they done to deserve it.  But it did make me decide that one day I would earn enough money to be able to buy a brand new car myself. 

I was married before I got my first car and our dearly loved first car was a Peugeot 205 which like Bertie was bright red and we named “The wee red beast” as it had an engine like a hairdryer.  Which was fine for our uses unless you had people in the back and I well remember chugging very slowly up the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District with family in the back and a huge quae of traffic behind us.  But how we loved that car!  Our next car was a step up for us at the time.  Angus who was a Citroen and a beautiful shade of blue.  He also gave us very many happy memories one of which like his predecessor was on the Kirkstone Pass where his exhaust fell off.  This time it was not just a huge line of traffic that followed us up the pass but also a rather loud noise that ruined the tranquility of that beautiful part of  the Lakes.  Angus was traded in when we couldn’t resist a deal at the Citroen garage which upgraded us to the next model up which had something I had coveted for a long time – a CD player for me the ultimate in a car at the time.  This car we name Xara to be honest can’t remember why.  And Xara was the first in now a number of cars that was to commute with us.  In this case me down to my job in the Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.  How I did appreciate that CD player.  Xara was a nice colour of green and served us very well until we had my daughter and had moved to the Borders.  Why?  Well we discovered that though a baby is small they come with a lot of stuff so we decided we needed a  much bigger car to accommodate this.  We searched and searched for a suitable model and came across Wanda at Browns the Honda garage in Peebles.  And here my sixth year dream came true she was a brand new CRV .  How proud I was to drive that car and make that dream come true.  At the time I thought it would just be a number of brand new cars that we would have.  Which it was in some respects as my husband traded the very old car he had bought initially to do the commute up to Edinburgh (which I hated so it didn’t get a name) for a brand new black beetle which was called Bertie Beetle and he was replaced with a red convertible Beetle which is the Bertie we have today.  However Wanda did not get replaced.  Partly as we added on the miles to her and it became less and less of a reason to trade her in and partly because we didn’t want to she was and is today part of the family and like Bertie Beetle they are part of what makes up our little family.  Wanda is always there for a holiday, to take wood home after a walk by the river, She’s seen my daughter go through car sickness seem to come out of it and then suffer from it again when she reached the age of nine.  Plus she has been there every day for one or other of us to drive to work.

So for me Wanda is not just a car.  Yes she is just metal and tin but she also has created lots of memories for us.  Plus for me on Monday night she took the brunt of the accident and saved my husband from any damage at all.  So when I came back from my walk today and saw that the garage had come and picked her up.  I felt sad and a wee bit lonely and hope that Wanda will soon be back with us.  So we can give her some more memories, dog hairs,  and go lots of holidays with her.  As I’m not ready to say goodbye to her just yet.  And you know brand new cars lose their value as soon as you drive them.  Used cars with lower mileage can soon pick up the miles and both new and used will before you know it get scratched nothing stays perfect.  But what Wanda gives is memories and a husband who is 100% ok.  So come back soon Wanda I miss you.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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