Is this the gloomiest day of the year?

Well I have been fairly cheerful so far this year 10 days in and I would say that I have been a  cheery person to be around despite the fact that winter is not my season and this one seems to be going on forever.  So far I have kept to resolutions even the one to worry less about things that haven’t happened and aren’t likely to.  A hard one for me as worrying about things that may or may not happen runs in the family and I have caught the gene.  I have taken to heart what  a wise Facebook friend said last week and I have appreciated my friends and family and seen the joy in life even in January .

This weekend I even started to feel that although maybe not round the corner that spring was at least not so far away as I spotted signs of life yes life in the garden.  We had a fantastic walk along the Tweed on Saturday and though winter was far from over it sounds strange but I could just sniff Spring in the air making me excited for its arrival.  Yesterday with fresh snow on Saturday winter seemed to be back with a vegence yet I welcomed it as it was so beautiful.  I was greeted to a stunning sunrise yesterday morning with colours that you would be hard placed to beat even in the summer.  Then a walk in the snow at Lindean Loch above Selkirk just was magic as we walked in what was a winter wonderland before going home to enjoy a warm fire courtesy of my sister and brother in -laws Christmas tree (makes great firewood)  and a cup of tea!

But today it’s all change and I wondered if this is one of these days that they have as the most gloomiest you know there is always a media day where this is hyped up.  Today seems a good candidate for it.  We are back to a five-day week, Christmas bills are coming in, there is no sign of a stop to this freeze and its as dreich as you can get out there.  Even the drive from St Boswells to Peebles failed to inspire me today and it is one of the most scenic roads I know as you meander along the Tweed to the fair toun of Peebles.

So I am thinking that I am ten days in to 2011 and the winter blues have set in or have they?  Well no I have done a couple of things to cheer myself up none of which my husband will be pleased to hear included retail therapy.  Firstly I have had a look at a few photos of last summer just to remind myself that this is just a wee blip in the slow thaw to spring.  Secondly I have taken heart from the meeting that I had up in Peebles.  Sometimes you meet people who the glass is always half empty for and sometimes you meet people who see the positives in life.  So it is in business.  Today I met a group of people who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and about their customers.  And who talked about all the various ways they want to make life even better for their customers.  It made me realise that when you feel that life is a bit dreich and grey the best thing that you can do is to surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and that by looking back at happy memories or in my case great weather photos you can remind yourself this is temporary as life is so we have to make the best of it even in wet, icy, dreich grey days.  And lastly a chocolate or two goes along way to recovery!

So it’s not the best day out there but I am warm and cosy inside and can be inspired by enthusiastic people, summer photos and a chocolate or too!  And hopefully tomorrow the sun may make an appearance!  If not there is always the Phill Spencer OZ Location programme on Friday or the hunky Zen Italian detective to remind us that there are parts of the world that have the sun just now!  Just hurry back quickly to my wee corner of the world!


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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