Apprentice 2010 did the best candidate win?

The 2010 Apprentice is now over and Stella is the Apprentice for 2010.  Good decision as her now boss would ask?

I do think that Stella was the best candidate last night and she should be proud as she also became a first in the history of the Apprentice to be the first one into the final and to actually win.  In other years the first candidate through does not go on to win the coveted job.

I believe that Stella was the best candidate for the job for the following reasons:

1. Leadership – She showed great leadership skills in the episode and you could see she is a born leader as she had been when she led the boys team in week two.  I did have concerns about Stella that she was not a team player but watching last night I realised that is because she is a leader and often born leaders find it hard to be team players.  My only criticism here would be that as a leader she needs to own all the decisions that her team makes and not say when criticised about the taste of the product that she had delegated that aspect of the task.  No Stella.   A leader stands by their team in good and bad decisions.  You had a loyal team there but you would not continue to have if you blame them.  Overall though a born leader and this contrasted with Chris who although a very impressive candidate rather let his team walk all over him.

2. Research – Both teams last night I was pleased to see carried out customer research.  However Stella took it and thought about it and came up with a gap in the market which a Bar Manager in the after show said was a genuine opportunity marketing Bourbon to a female audience as it is a male dominated  market.  Chris should not have let the girls on his team persuade him that men would drink a pink spirit and should have stuck with his original decision that it was to be a clear drink.

3. Marketing – Stella’s marketing was superior and you could argue that she won the Apprentice on the name itself.  URBAN – It’s the new way of drinking Bourbon.  I thought this was a potential great name and strapline.  It was a true example to me of creative thought that you do alot of brainstorming feel that you are not getting anywhere and then the idea and the right idea for the project hits you.  Stella also focused on her customers females and carried this through in a focused way on her advert.  I thought it was the best marketing I have seen in this years Apprentice.  Where as Chris was all over the place.  His design looked like a perfume bottle, it was the wrong colour as mentioned before and he didn’t seem to give much thought to the advert and there was no focus at all on his end-user.

4. Passion – In many a pitch or presentation its the passion that you have that can win you the project or not.  For me Stella showed that and all the way through the 2010 series she showed that passion and zest to win.  Sometimes I felt not in the best way but it was there and when you learnt a little of how she had striven to be where she is today you could understand that zeal to win and succeed.  I believe that it did indeed mean everything to her.

So for me it was the right decision last night for the above reasons.  Chris was a very likeable and clever candidate who I believe will succeed and he like many of the candidates has learnt alot from being in the programme.  Overall if it was me I would have chosen Liz but that is because she would have been someone I could work with and respect but as I said last week it is not my job to give.  In saying that though I do think Stella was the best candidate last night and respect for what she achieved in creating URBAN – the new way of drinking Bourbon.

Apprentice 2010 I will  miss you and look forward to Apprentice 2011.  A note to prospective candidates.  Don’t rush into a task. 

1. Carry out research first and then take that research into account.

2. Focus on a customer and make sure that the rest of your task is 100% focused on that customer grouping.

3. Finance don’t rush into this.  Look at your price compare it to competitors and make sure your finances are all in place so that you know what your costs are and what you need to sell to make a profit.

4. Set Tasks and Goals .  Make sure at the outset that you know what your end game is.  How many products do you want to sell.  What are your targets for the whole team and broken down individually by team member.

5. Have fun.  We spend alot of time working and you need to enjoy it and have fun and we watchers of the Apprentice like to see you having fun at what you do.

So goodbye to Apprentice 2010 and look forward to the new series and candidates in 2011.  Just take account of the top 5 tips and you are sure to be HIRED not FIRED!


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