Day 13!

Well have tried to get back to normal this week but its been against the odds.  I am lucky I can work from home quite easily though it has had an impact on meetings and journeys outside the area are a no go area.

I did make it into work on Monday it was so good to be in the normal routine but after a few hours it started snowing so I had to abort and head back to St Boswells just in case it got worse and I found it difficult to get home to the kids.  But on the positive side Bright Light Marketing did have a catch up meeting and brainstorm and it was great to see my colleagues again other than hearing them at the other end of the phone.  But it does prove that for us we can achieve alot using modern technology the only downside for us is having to cancel meetings.

I do feel sorry though for people who are not in the position that I am and especially for the retailers who need the business at this vital time of year it must be soul destroying to wake up day after day and realise that the weather is no better and the chances of a busy day are minimal.  It is the same for other sectors such as Hoteliers who are seeing party, accommodation and even dinner bookings cancelled in what should be a good month for them and see them into the turn of the year with some money in the bank.  As I said in my last blog support your local retailers and if you have had a party night cancelled and still have the money to spend why don’t you go out to your local hotel or restaurant for a meal instead ?

So work wise I can manage working from home in the main as I tend to carry most of my work on my laptop and have quite alot of files at home and I am getting through the to do list.

I did though manage to make it back to Selkirk yesterday for a meeting in the office followed up by a meeting in the town centre.  I parked in the main car park in Selkirk with some reservations.  I am not a confident driver in snow and the car park was full of snow though at the time I parked it all seemed quite slushy so thought that I would be ok!  WRONG!  Came out the meeting two hours later and could I get my car out no!  Worse I kept sliding it in the direction of other cars and my legs started to shake and I was in a right royal panic.  Like so may others in this weather I was lucky three Souters (folks from Selkirk)  in the car park sorted me out and pushed me on my way.  I had the stupid thought that I had to stop and say thanks to them but realised no keep going Fiona keep going.  But a big thanks to them from me a timid wee driver.

Arrived home to find that the good news was that heating was still working – check!  Roof hadn’t leaked again – check!  Roofer to come in the morning first thing.  (still waiting).  Dog had eaten the boots I had lent my daughter – old boots but still very fond of them not amused!  Made tea and used my new-found skills to make a fire.  Then thought a bath was the order of the day which I duly had once kids were in  bed.  Unplugged it and it wasn’t till I was going to bed I realised that it was still full!  Tried to unblock it – nothing.  This woke up my husband who said it was frozen and this had happened before in our flat in Comiston road in Edinburgh did I not remember?  Well to be honest no think I might have blanked that one out!  Went to sleep and slept fitfully first dream I was skidding in a car and the second I was drowning in a room filling with water!  Yes related to these two incidents.

Another freezing night another of waking up with the news on the Radio “Don’t travel don’t do anything Scotland is shut!”  Forgot about the bath till husband said to my son that bathroom was a no go zone!  Got up and once he was gone tried the toilet and yes its working and so is the sink so it’s just the bath!  Just the bath but in the great scheme of things that is good yes?  Cleared the bath of as much of the water as possible and then looked out at the freezing conditions and decided that I was going nowhere today I am taking the advice of the police and not wasting time to get to Selkirk and the roofer hopefully will be here and that way I can keep an eye on all other areas of the house.  My poor daughter woke up and when told that the bathroom was a no go area asked if we would have to sell the house as it was all breaking down!  I didn’t like to tell her this is the joys of living in Narnia or that currently not sure we would sell the house in the current property market and thirdly and most importantly despite all this we all love this house to bits.  It’s over 100 plus years old has always been a family home and I have always felt that it has a character and personality all of its own.  When we viewed the house there were lots of people who wanted to buy it and I didn’t think that we had a chance of getting it and we did lose it and were second in the line.  I was gutted but a few weeks later we were approached again as the original buyer had to pull out and it was ours and I always have felt that as crazy as it sounds the house chose us and while we live here with our family we are custodians of this house till our children grow up and the house needs to go to another family!  So we will mend the roof, get the bath sorted and save up to re decorate as the house deserves it after all the joy it has given us as that is what you do with things that you love and things that provide you with great and special memories!

But I am looking forward to the thaw forecast for tomorrow and all I want for Christmas is heating, a roof that doesn’t leak, a working bath and NO SNOW PLEASE!


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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