Well there is good news and bad news.

Well have to admit with my husband away it was nice not to have the alarm going off at 6am today and that dread as you listen to the latest horror stories about the weather on the radio in the pitch dark.  In fact when I woke up just before 8am I decided to ignore the news and as it hadn’t snowed overnight in St Boswells for the first time in eight days I woke up feeling quite positive.  Its amazing what a difference waking up in the light makes to your mood.

As you know my Great Escape is planned for tomorrow so I decided that today was the day to support the local businesses in St Boswells.  So the kids were delighted when I announced that we were having a cooked breakfast and off we went to get the goodies from the butcher who serves great produce and as I know I have mentioned before has set St Boswells on the map for winning numerous awards.  The children are particularly proud that our small village has the best sausages in Scotland!  We purchased said sausages and other goodies and went back to the house for our breakfast feast!  This time I was very careful to note where the dog was so he didn’t eat the prize-winning sausages raw again with sickly consequences.

I was delighted to note as I went down our lane that overnight the lane had been cleared and the person who had done so had not put the snow up against my car but had actually cleared access for my car!  The kids were delighted that the Christmas fairies had brought them  a pack of rollos each I was delighted with this unexpected act of kindness.  To which I credit my next door neighbour and also the St Boswells Legion.  Thanks to you both you are great neighbours to have.

In high spirits we decided to go sledging again and made our way to the golf course hill much to the delight of the dog.  We were the only ones there and when I sledged down screaming my head off with my son in the sledge I could see why.  It was really icy snow and some of the grass was starting to show through with the non stop use it had so we didn’t stay too long.  But the dog did have a great run up and down the hill.  Oh to be so fit.

Returned home so I could do some work and the kids could dry off before the big treat of the day which was lunch at the book shop in the village Mainstreet Trading another award winning St Boswells shop.  It won 2010 childrens bookshop of the year.   I had got a brilliant email from them earlier in the week titled “Hot Chocolate, Hot Soup and Lovely Books”.  It had two objectives firstly to remind people like myself who can walk to them or get with a car to visit and secondly a wonderful sell for the best books to get for babies, 4-7 kids, older kids and teens and then fiction and cooking and so forth.  I was really impressed it is easy in these conditions to just hibernate but here they were giving their customers a reason to visit.

The impact that this is having on business has been with me all week and my colleagues and I have reflected how all aspects of business is affected by this sudden cold snap but it is particularly hard for retailers in the run up to Christmas when this should be the time that they benefit from consumers opening their purses and spending.  I was intending this week to write a blog about shopping locally this Christmas which I will do in due course but I would urge us all to shop in our local shops this Christmas they need our support.

Anyway for this reason we went to Mainstreet for lunch and enjoyed some of their home-made soup and a cake as well as ticking two more presents of the Christmas list.

Feeling fit and rather full after all this food I decided to try to get the car out!  I am delighted to say I got the car out twice just across the lane and back but the buzz it gave me was brilliant – FREEDOM beckons.

So lots of good news today so guess you are wondering what the bad news is?  We have a leak!  So hoping my local roofer is as quick to appear as Elliot’s who mended the washing machine!

Its been a tough week for us all and with more cold weather to come its easy to be gloomy but on the positive side what it has showed me is that in tough times communities come together.  I have noticed this in one virtual community and my local community.  I am as many of you know an avid social media ambassador and practice what I preach using Facebook for personal as well as business use, Twitter and Linkedin.  Facebook this week has been great to keep in touch with family and friends particularly my in -laws  who are snowed up in Aberdeenshire.  Twitter has kept me sane and made me laugh with conversations with existing friends and new friends during the course of the week as we all face the same challenges in the snow.  People like @tourscotland who has updated people living in Scotland about the travel conditions all week and Twitter friends in the Borders and Northumbria who I have felt a real affinity with.  I have also been conscious of the local community here in the Scottish Borders particularly in St Boswells as I haven’t left it.  Those who have cleared paths, , checked neighbours and been visible in the street for a chat.  But also to our local media a huge thanks to Radio Borders for keeping us always up to date with road conditions and to BBC Selkirk for the same in their regular briefings.  Both the virtual and my own community have made me know this week I am not alone.  Thanks to you all. x

PS – If you do get out please shop locally this weekend your local retailers need your support.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. www.brightlightmarketing.co.uk. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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