Its been a week of being snow bound in St Boswells

I have now officially been in St Boswells for a whole week with no prospect of getting out of here any time soon.  It is snowing as we speak and more snow is forecast.  I am planning the great escape for Saturday in the hope that husband will be around to get my car safely out and I can maybe take my daughter to her drama class.  Plan is for husband to take my son Christmas shopping which traditionally is done in Hexham for him while he takes my daughter to Carlisle.  There is a very nice Italian restaurant in Hexham well I’ve never been but so my son tells me.  They sell pizza shaped garlic bread and he is very keen to go back.  We have had to tell him that due to these weather conditions it is unlikely that a journey to Northumbria will be possible.  So have assured him that there are Italian restaurants in Edinburgh just hope they manage to get there.  For both children it’s not so much the present buying that is the treat but far more the lunch involved in the outing.  Anyway I am trying to plan for Saturday but at this rate this could be far too optimistic.

Anyway my husband made it back last night from Edinburgh he said that Soutra was not too bad but awful from there to St Boswells.  He was really lucky some kind person had taken their small digger out and dug up our lane which allowed him access.  He is off now again and despite road reports made it safely back over Soutra.  He is attending a dinner tonight and staying over so I don’t need to worry about him now till tomorrow night.  When surely the weather will be better actually I have given up thinking that now we shall just have to wait and see.

He left at 6am and when I woke I checked he had made it and then felt well lonely, bereft and strangely old.  Washing machine was definatley broken so I phoned the appliance repair people Elliot’s in Earlston.  I stressed that I didn’t need them to come straight away but they said they would do what they could to come out.  Good service straight away.

Next finalised the proposal with a colleague and got it sent on time and on schedule and then took a load of washing round to my brother and sister in law just in case I was stuck for a time without a washing machine.

The great thing about having a dog is that you are forced to take them a walk even in these conditions.  I was feeling low and down but actually felt so much better for getting out and the sun shone briefly as we were out.  I also met a few friends along the way and was touched by offers of help with my washing mountain.

It was then home for a quick-lunch and then I had promised to take the kids sledging and boogie boarding again.  The dog came too and had a go on both the boogie board and the sledge and made us all laugh.  He’s a crazy thing and he then had us in fits of laughter as he and a new-found Lab friend played in the snow with one another.  As the kids sped down the hill for the 5th time my phone rang it was Elliot’s to say they were on their way.  Rapid exit from Golf course hill though again touched as daughter’s brownie teacher offered me the use of her machine.  Well I am delighted to say that I was really touched by these kind offers but nice Mr Elliot fixed it and its now back in use all while I refound the car again on my daily check that it still existed and cleaned the path again and icicles on the roof!  I keep clearing them and they keep coming back to haunt me.

The rest of the day has been spent working and if I am honest I am not on top of the world but I do have a sense that despite my feelings of being alone this morning this is not the case.  St Boswells is a village which has a strong sense of community and you can see it in action today with paths being cleared, people talking to one another, the sledging gathering at the golf course hill and I realise that we as a family are part of a much bigger community than just the four of us.

As for the snow well even the kids are getting fed up with it now and getting out and about today has been good for us all.   As Cabin fever had truly set in.   There is only one person who is really loving  this enforced prison – yes you have guessed it the dog is having a ball!  As for the rest of us roll over the Great Escape.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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