Its still snowing here in St Boswells – Cabin Fever sets in

As I write this  forecast on the radio is announcing yet another  warning for the Scottish Borders.  Yes you have guessed it heavy snow.  How much more can fall?

Its day three of this week and I am a grumpy old women today.  Started last night when it snowed all evening kept thinking council would change their mind and close the schools but no they sent me a text to say schools were open but could I provide a packed lunch for the kids.

Woke up at 3am dog crying and very unhappy.  Went down to investigate and you have guessed it raw sausages didn’t agree with him one very sick pup.  Sorted him out and tried to go back to sleep but find it hard as I knew I only had three hours before the alarm went off.

As it did at 6am and husband got up declared the weather alright and set off for Edinburgh.  Just as well he did as within two hours we had blizzard conditions.  I kept listening to the radio convinced the Council would close the school but no all announcements were that the schools were open business as usual.

This is despite the fact that the road to the school was in accessible and there was a car buried by the side of the road.  How were the teachers going to make it I wondered?

I soon found out.  We set out and as usual went to access the school by the side entrance as set down by the rules.  Had to turn back it was shut!  Made our way to the front saw a 4 by 4 attempt to go down the access road to the school and fail and slowly made our way through alot of snow to the school entrance.  Here we were greeted by the very few teachers that had made it one of whom  had to walk into the village to do so.  We were there for all of 5 minutes as the teachers who had made it sensibly shut the school.

Made it home and for the second day in a row decided to make pancakes, streaky bacon and sausages to cheer us all up with some rosehip syrup and also to work out my frustration with the council for making kids, teachers and parents do this journey when it was obvious the school was not safe to open.

I had a proposal to write as I was wondering what to bribe the kids with my sister-in-law phoned and offered to take them a walk to Newtown!  This was fantastic it tired them out and in the couple of hours they were out I managed to write my proposal.  In these juggling conditions you need to prioritize the work you can do and not set yourself unrealistic goals.  All priority jobs done for the day.

Kids returned with tales of their aunt treating them to a drink at Milestone Garden Centre and in high spirits until I set them to tidy their rooms that is another slight delaying tactic on my behalf.  We had lunch then I decided that I needed to find the car again not sure why no intention of going out but I do like to re assure myself that the car is still there.  Then I decided to clear the patio and the path again.  This is new  for me quite pleased that I have managed to do so while my husband has been in Edinburgh until all my work was wasted as it snowed again at which point I screamed and decided I am truly fed up and realised tomorrow I will have been in St Boswells for a week!  And as much as I love it is very likely we will be here for some time as the weather forecast is not much better!

I laughed at my father in-laws Facebook entry he commented that you would think being stuck would mean you get lots done.  Indeed instead just like yesterday the dishwasher has been going non stop, kitchen never seems to clear, washing still piling up and I think the washing machine has just had one of its funny turns when it refuses to open the door and the washing is stuck inside until the nice man from Earlston comes to fix it again.  Not that he is likely too quickly in this weather!  The floors seem to be all wet all the time with the snow.  And we are all starting to get cabin fever and its only 4pm three days into the week.

Just been finally anounced that schools shut till Monday at last some sense allows priority to be given to the roads for just now and then like January they can get access to the schools once the snow stops.  If it ever does.

Currently trying the washing machine on all settings to try and get the clothes out not working.  Son who is very keen on constant clean clothes not a happy bunny.  We are now watching the Chipmunks movie on DVD yes folks things have got that bad.  Till tomorrow.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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