Snow is still falling all around me! Stop please.

Well what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday I was taking a day off anyway to spend with the kids who were off on the 29th instead of the 30th November for St Andrews day.  Go figure why that was the case as my daughter said why do we go back to school on St Andrews day.  Anway I digress though in ending I do understand having a St Andrews day holiday but would think it should be on the actual day whenever that day falls.  Still this year the kids have had the 29th and the 30th off so they are quids in.

As I said yesterday I knew I was off and so did not feel any guilt in doing so.  Today my old John Knox Protestant work ethic kicked in  and I have felt guilty all day that I have not been able to work as planned today. 

It started first thing my husband got out of bed and realised that it hadn’t snowed too much over night so decided to make the journey to Edinburgh.  I decided that since I didn’t need to go anywhere with the schools off staying in bed was a good option.  Till my brain started to stick in.  The first thing that registered was that this should be a work day so how as I going to juggle the rest of the week and make up for time off?  The second thing that registered was that today is the 30th November which makes tomorrow 1st December and the first day in advent.  We have a tradition with the kids.  We were very luckily to inherit the Drane family advent calendar which was given to us by my mother in law.  She had made this many years ago I suspect when my husband was a toddler.  Its brilliant little pockets in each calendar for each day which you can fill with goodies.  We do so but deny all knowledge of how they get there each day and my daughter when she was younger decided it was Santa’s fairies who put them there each day so a new tradition was born and over the years she has written many thanks you cards to these kind fairies.  Now obviously I am capable without my husband of putting this calendar up except that the ladder to the attic is in the shed the key of which is with my husband and I have never ever been up on the attic on my own.  So I had a wee panic to myself how was I going to manage this?  After tweeting re this as you do when you are in a panic!  (or is that just me?) some twitter friends came up with some solutions with one kind tweeter offering me hers as she lives locally.  So by 0830 am I had come up with some creative ideas of what to do if husband gets stuck on the wrong side of Soutra.

Now up I tweeted to ask whither the bin lorries were coming.  Again help came in a tweet from the business gateway who said they were so I went out and dug the bin out.  As I had been asked to keep the paths clear I set out to clear the patio and back garden to give access to the cars.  Took me quite a lot of effort and as I finished it the snow came down again and all efforts seemed wasted.

A bit fed up I came in and decided a big breakfast was called for so decided on pancakes, streaky bacon and sausages.  Just had put the grill on turned my back and the dog for the first time ever went up to the grill and swiped three raw sausages!  That was his first trip to his cage in disgrace.  I was particularly annoyed as I had 4 sausages on the grill one intended for him but no he got a 1/4 of his usual food.  I was not amused.

Before I could get on with work the dear dog needed a walk so off we went.  I have noticed a walk in the snow seems to take much longer than usual and the kids fell out over a snowball fight!  Fed up we got home and I looked at the car and decided if I was going anywhere tomorrow I needed to dig the car out.  Now usually the dog is very well-behaved and stays close by.  This was no usual day.  So absorbed were my son and I in our activity of finding the car in the snow that we forgot about the dog!  Then I realised he was gone.  We shouted and shouted and shouted  no sign of the dog!  We then had to go into the house and admit to my daughter we had lost the dog.  I had thought there would be tears but no she doesn’t read Enid Blyton for nothing.  Off she went and followed his foot prints and we finally found him at the back of the co -op garden eating the food put out for the birds.  He was dragged back in disgrace and put in his dog cage for the second time.

By this time it seemed to be nearly lunch.  How I thought did this happen?  I did some work and spoke to my colleague and then had to de frost some soup for lunch.  I had promised we would go sledging after lunch so off we went to the slopes and the kids enjoyed an hour or so at their new-found sport.  While the dog huffed as I wouldn’t let him off his lead and there were lots of other dogs to play with.  So he got his revenge had taken his lead off just by the gate and assumed he was behind me but by the time I got to the door I realised no he was not he was making his way at speed to the co -op garden.  Third time in the cage I was very fed up with him and fed up with my lack of progress in all areas.  Kitchen looked like a bomb site, washing seems to have grown 100% in the past day and workwise not much progress has been made.

So yesterday I was full of the joys of snow but I was on holiday today I am wishing we all could just go back to normal as much as I like staying in bed late and having a day off when you have things to do it’s not such fun.  Nor has an escaping dog helped.  The only glimmer of hope today is that my husband is on  his way home.  He has left early so I am hoping that tomorrow all will be as normal on the 1st of December apart from a large amount of snow that is!  Will keep you posted.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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