The half way stage success or not you decide?

It is now at the end of another month and we are now at another pay-day and it is time for my end of the month confession about my shopping habits.

Well I am delighted to report that I have been good on-line though what has been brought home to me during this period of not spending is just how good Boden’s marketing is.  I have always admired their marketing techniques as well as their clothes but writing this blog and taking note of when they market to me has made me realise how they use different channels to keep in touch with their clients.

This month was no different I was emailed and saw on their Facebook page that they had various special offers running over the course of the month and it did draw me to the website.  They also at the beginning of the month had their spring preview for VIP customers like myself this always is great for shopping addicts who immediately feel special despite the fact it actually stands for customers who have spent a lot of money on Boden and that is the reason we are special.  The spring preview came with a 25% offer and the clothes would not be despatched till January when they would take the payment of your credit card.  I did look and there was something at the back of my brain saying that it wasn’t cheating it was clothes for spring and my shopping ban is till March.  But to be honest sense prevailed and on the day I was looking it was freezing cold and I couldn’t quite see the attraction of spring clothes which will need to sit in a drawer till spring comes along.  So I was good and have also been good as what must be the last catalogue before the sale came in with 15% off on it.

The other on-line retailer who I am rather fond of is Next but have had no correspondence from them this month and hence even though I have been on the Boden site a number of times I have not visited the Next site.  Perhaps a marketing lesson there you need to give your customers and potential customers a reason to visit you or you won’t be in their mind and they will go elsewhere.

I have this month well before the recent cold blast transferred my summer clothes into my large basket in the hall and taken out my winter clothes instead and have found some old favourites and I confess clothes that I had forgotten that I have.  Some old favourites include a Laura Ashley suit that must be 15 years old at least and it mirrors one in the Boden catalogue and as tweed is right on trend I am looking forward to wearing it again.  My newly placed winter wardrobe is now sitting in my wardrobe and various other closets and I must admit I have been enjoying trying it all out and have not felt compelled in the slightest to go and buy some new clothes and could not tell you the last time I was in a shop.

I also one wet saturday decided to clear out my handbags which you have probably guessed I have a fair few of and discovered a whole horde of goodies in them from stationary to paracetamol to hankies and brollies.  My daughter and I are stationary queens so we had a great time dividing out the spoils without spending a penny!  I did I admit feel very guilty that I had bought all of this stuff over the years but can’t now do anything about it what I can do is make sure that I now make use of the stuff that I have bought and don’t buy more till I have used up what is there.

I think that is what the current climate has taught me most.  I was watching the great BBC programme stepping back in time last night and it was set in the second world war.  The dressmaker excelled as did the blacksmith at mending clothes and tools.  People in those times had to make do with what they had and you could see in that programme people seeing that clothes don’t need to be thrown out they can be fitted again and changed to suit current fashions.  It is the same today we have become such a wear it and then throw it out society and buy more that hopefully we will relearn those lessons.  In the same way that I am no longer keeping things good for an occasion life is too short so I light that candle and wear that piece of jewellery and take joy in doing so instead of hoarding things for a special occasion.

So its been an interesting month one of refinding old favourites and enjoying them I do have to confess that I have not been 100% good.  Firstly I did help on Sunday at the St Boswells Christmas Fayre selling corsages, handbags, scarfs and fairy’s for my friend Julia Cunningham who makes them from textiles locally and her stuff is so unique and my daughter and I just love it.  Julia was very kind and gave me one of her scarfs for helping her sell on the day which I have coveted since last winter.  But I did buy a handbag from her bargain bag. Does it count of course it does but I had saved some money for it and it gave me a great feeling after a few months of being oh so good.  The other thing I must confess is that although I am not buying clothes, shoes and accessories books are not included in this.  I have joined the book club at Mainstreet Trading the wonderful book shop in St Boswells and I am really enjoying it as well as enjoying the occasional treat of a book from there too.  Books are something that I don’t regard as a treat but essential to life and as my son wrote in his story book about his mum “My mum reads alot she seems to really enjoy it.”

Month three over good in the main I love my new handbag and had the money saved for it before I decided to stop spending you can decide if its cheating or not.  And so to December what will that hold?  As I will have to enter the shops to do my christmas shopping  how will I cope with the temptation that will bring?


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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