Apprentice Teams should go back to basics.

As I said a few days ago I am an Apprentice addict.  This series has been just as addictive but particularly for getting me to think about all the basic mistakes the teams are making.

The most basic mistake the 2010 contestants are making is total lack of focus in any task on the end-user THE CUSTOMER.  It was the same last night the winning team did try with their focus on children though they came to this well into their planning process and actually they had two customers the end-user the children but actually Parents were their key customers as well.  The losing team had no customer focus and in my opinion that is why they lost the task.  They went with Ski Footage without considering would skiers or potential skiers shop in a mall and if they do so would they really like to look that stupid in front of other customers?

So both teams yet again gave limited consideration to the customer and one lost the task because of it.  But there are other basics that are being missed out which if they considered at the beginning of each task could make a great difference to the success of their project. 

I had to laugh at Stuart on the winning team’s leadership style and his great quote “I am an entrepreneur and like many great entrepreneurs do things on the hoof and quickly.”  Wrong Stuart are you telling me that Richard Branson, James Dyson, Jo Malone just start a new venture with limited thought and just go for it?  No not even when they started out in business.

The success to any business or project is the thinking, brainstorming and research that is done at the start of the project.  The Apprentice teams give limited time to this.  They also do not give time to set themselves targets for the task how many do they want to sell and how much money are they setting out to make and to really focus on the financials.  They should at the outset once they have decided who their customer is, had a brainstorm and done some background research set themselves targets for the task so each member of the team knew what they were doing and why, then assign tasks and really go for the task with the basics in place or is that too much to ask of the 2010 Apprentice team?


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