Autumn Gold

I would say that I love all seasons or elements of all seasons with the exception of any days that are dark, grey and gloomy.  In my opinion any day what ever the season that the sun in shinning and the sky is blue all is well with the world particularly if I am out and about to enjoy it.

However if pressed I would always have said that spring was my favourite season.  My birthday is in the spring and who doesn’t look forward to that.  Plus I loved and still do the way that spring is the start of new life.  And I am rather fond too of the summer which follows spring and come March I cheer up out of any winter gloom with the hope of the bright sunny longer days to come.

Autumn is a season that I have always had mixed feelings about.  I always dread it coming as it means the season afterwards is winter which at the end of the summer I always view the negatives.  It means tights again an invention that even in the modern-day is not the easiest to wear, it means having to think about going out the door – hat? gloves? jacket? Where as in the spring/summer I feel I can just get up and go autumn means more careful thought and the change from my beloved fitflops to boots and shoes.  Plus it means dark mornings and afternoons and I just don’t find it natural to wake up in the dark.  And last but by no means least it means frost on the car and I hate getting the frost off the car.  So when someone in September talks to me about autumn you will find me in denial still hoping for an Indian Summer ( which I think must be made up as we never actually seem to get one) and desperately clinging on to my summer clothes which usually has those around me apart from my kids wondering how I can wear such clothes and feel warm.

Then October comes and every year without fail I start to fall in love with autumn again and find my self embracing all it has to bring and saying how much I love it.  The past few years living in the country with kids has means foraging for brambles, conkers and wood for the fire all of which are then enjoyed over the long months of winter.  It means cooking stews, curry and old favourites like carrot and sweet potato soup.  Plus the puddings just get better and better bread and butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding and of course crumble made from berries picked in the summer and autumn and full of memories of happy days of the holidays.

However one thing that every autumn catches me unaware and awed is the beauty of the season.  No more so than in the past 48 hours.  Saturday after a rainy start we had a wonderful walk from Melrose to Newstead.  Melrose is the most beautiful town and on one occasion the god given beauty is alongside what man has done with its Abbey, Harmony House and Gardens and its picturesque square and shopping street.  The colours were just amazing in the late afternoon sunshine.  Sunday I woke to my son singing a song to himself as he came down the stairs to watch match of the day.  Woken I grumpily thought that I might as well walk the dog as I was up feeling quite sorry for myself I got my coat and walked into autumn wonderland and as it was so early it seemed as if it was spread out just for me in all its beautiful colours.  Frost just added to the magic of it all and I confess when I walked into the Post Office to get the papers I was full of the joys of life and no doubt took them all aback with my chirpiness.  A walk along the Tweed with the wider family later alongside both sides of the Tweed at St Boswells made me more and more convinced about how special Autumn is.  Waking up this morning on a frosty Monday we were rewarded with yet another great dawn and even though I have been working I feel happier just looking out of the window at the colour.

I think colour for me is what I like or don’t like about a season.  Any season that brings with it grey days which lets be honest we can get just as much in summer as in winter makes me sad and fed up.  But any season that can bring colour in abundance as Autumn can has alot going for it in my view and it is the perfect time to visit the Scottish Borders but don’t just take my word for it visit and see for yourself.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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