My Dad

I was on the phone to my dad the other day when he mentioned that he had finally reached fame and had been named in an on line blog.  Eager to find out who my dad was following on-line (not something that immediately springs to mind about my dad) I asked which blog.  Yours he replied you finally mentioned me by name.

It got me thinking and made me realise that he was right he hadn’t been mentioned before.  And this made me think from my experience of comparing mothers and fathers that actually it’s usually the mothers who are centre stage and quite often Dads are there in the background but their impact on lives is just as significant and just as important as mums.

So I am dedicating this blog to all dads out there but especially to my dad who I love very much and who has been a central part of my life and who I hope knows that this is the case but if he doesn’t knows now.

My dad what can I say?  Shall I start with the things that amuse me about my dad?  Yes my dad will never be a man who will be able to fix the physical things of life.  If you have an electrical issue in the house, puncture or need someone to bang in a nail my dad is not the person you would go to that would be mum or she would be assigned to get in someone who could fix it.  My dad is devoted to my mum and very much depends on her for lots of things and both my kids love to mimic their papa with his catch phrase of ” Tricia, Tricia, Tricia.”  Patience is also something that doesn’t come easy to my dad particularly if he is wanting my mum’s attention.  As is often the case I am on the phone to my mum he will phone her mobile till he gets her attention.  And has a wonderful habit if he is in and I am on the phone of talking to my mum while I am speaking.  Mum has developed a rare skill of multi tasking two conversations at once.

But I love my dad for all his little habits especially his devotion to my mother.  I also respect him greatly for what he has achieved with his life.  He was the first one in his family to go to University with great support from his mother and grandmother but very little from his father.  This is my opinion but my grand father always seem to envy my dad and took every moment he could to put him down and I admire the fact that my dad didn’t let any hang up’s about the lack of support from his father get him down and he has been 100% supportive of my sister and me and our families and its good to see that he was able not to copy the role model of his own father.  Anyway after University my dad became an accountant in Glasgow and had a very successful career being part of a large accountancy firm, then setting up in business himself, merging with another firm and finally retiring.  Did I say retiring?  Well that was sort of the plan though I never really thought that my dad would be able not to work.  But with pensions etc not being great in the current climate he has continued to work two days a week and I admire his work ethic.  He has never relayed on anyone to provide for him and has always most generously provided for his family and friends.

In summing up I love my dad simply as he is my dad and he has always been there for me.  That is the simplistic version.  I love my dad as I respect and admire him.  He has taught me you only get out of life what you put into it.  He has a great brain for business and I often value his view-point.  He has given me a love of history and politics we might not always agree but my knowledge on both subjects has been greatly enhanced by his interest in both topics.  And I will never forget that in order to make my dream of seeing communist Russia and visiting the places of  Czarist Russia he took me there just the two of us something I really valued then and now.  Finally I love his sense of family his concern for each of us if he hasn’t heard from either my sister or myself for a while.  Plus the joy he has in his grand children and the love they have for him.

So Dad I don’t often maybe say it but I do often think it.  You are central to who I am and what I am and I love you and respect you very much and yes you make me laugh too with your little rituals many of whom I see in myself and in particularly my son.  But what is life if we can’t all laugh at ourselves and take the loving jest of our families and friends as my dad can and does.


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40 plus mum of two married with a mad cocker spaniel. Along with two colleagues run Bright Light Marketing a rural marketing agency who specialise in getting rural businesss noticed. Live in St Boswells in the wonderful Scottish Borders. Love books, walking and living life to the full here in the Scottish Borders though its sometimes a juggle!
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